Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter after petroleum? Did you know pollinators were declining due to a loss of habitat? Did you know that you can dye wool naturally?

Cocagne Country Colours is launching its first holiday sale and welcomes you to the offices of the GDDPC. We're offering wool and yarn kits naturally-dyed with plants by local people. This past year, we did lots of research and tests and this is the fruit of that labour. We sewed, planted, harvested and dyed with flowers, leaves, bark and roots, fruits, branches and mushrooms. The wool is dyed with plants such as onion skins, goldenrod, woad, madder, marigold, bedstraw, dyer's polypore, sumac and apple tree. Our logo and knitting patterns were also designed by local people, and you'll receive one of these patterns with the tuque and mitten kits.

Here are the products for sale:
  • Hodgepodge tuque knitting kit
  • Apple tuque knitting kit
  • Cocagne Country Colours mitten knitting kit
  • sock knitting kit
  • rug hooking bundle
  • sock or fingering weight yarn
  • chunky soft lopi yarn
  • pottery by Suzanne Babineau from La P'tite Poterie
  • herbal teas by Jocelyne Gauvin at Ferme Spirale
The shop is open weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm. If you have any questions, please communicate with Wiebke Tinney at gddpc@nb.aibn.com or by phone at 576-8247.
The goal of Cocagne country colors is cultivating and harvesting natural dyes sustainably while rediscovering and sharing this heritage in the Cocagne watershed. For more information: https://ecopaysdecocagne.ca/en/projects/786-cocagne-country-colors

Contact information:
Wiebke Tinney
Executive Director
118 Cocagne Cross, Cocagne NB
(506) 576-8247

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