April 24, 2019: For immediate release

New Brunswick is making the transition to a low-carbon economy. What will it mean for jobs in our province? What are the new opportunities for work? How can our work help people to live more sustainable lives? A coalition of environmental and labour groups are meeting in Saint John, New Brunswick, on Saturday, April 27. Together, we will demonstrate our solidarity and commitment to work together to find the solutions to a successful low-carbon transition in New Brunswick.

Why march on April 27? Like other New Brunswickers, we love our province and believe investing in a low-carbon economy is the path forward for our economy. The Green Economy Network calculated that New Brunswick could create almost 25,000 person-years of employment over five years. Strategic investments -- in energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy and public transit, and a just transition for workers -- will provide skilled jobs that cannot be relocated to other jurisdictions, laying a strong foundation for continued growth and prosperity here in the province.

The March for Tomorrow's Jobs will start at 1pm on April 27 at King's Square in Saint John.

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Coalition partners:

New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL)
Conservation Council of New Brunswick (CCNB)
Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) - Atlantic
Sustainable Energy Group - Carleton County
Rural Action and Voices for the Environment (RAVEN)
Red Head Anthony's Cove Preservation Association

Media contact:
Lynaya Astephen, Red Head Anthony's Cove Preservation Association

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