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November 19, 2018

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, three environmental awards were presented to New Brunswick citizens and groups in honor of exemplary service to their community.
Eco confluence awards 2018
Left to right: Raissa Marks, Executive Director, New Brunswick Environmental Network; Lois Corbett, Executive Director, Conservation Council of New Brunswick; Chris Rouse, PEACE-NB; Arthur Melanson, Janet Gordon, Warren Redman, Save Wetlands Waters and Tourism.  Photo credit: NBEN.

Lois Corbett, Executive Director of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, was honoured with the Phoenix Award for “contributing her extensive expertise in communications, advocacy, and policy development to New Brunswick’s environmental movement, enabling us all to amplify our impact on local, provincial, and national environmental issues.” The Phoenix Award is awarded to a group or individual who has dedicated their efforts to policies and legislation and have been through “the fire”.

The citizens’ group Save Wetlands Waters and Tourism was honored with the Samaqan Award “for sounding the alarm about threats to coastal ecosystems and communities along the Northumberland Strait and for advocating for government transparency and accountability in addressing these threats.” The Samaqan Award is awarded to a group or individual who has dedicated their efforts to the waters and the species that inhabit the waters.

Chris Rouse, member of PEACE-NB, was honored with the Gaia Award for “his solutions-based environmentalism that has led to improvements in laws and regulations and, most recently, to detailed technical and economic modeling aimed at transitioning New Brunswick to a low-carbon economy.” The Gaia Award is awarded to a group or individual who has dedicated their efforts to the earth and the species that inhabit the earth.

The awards were presented during the New Brunswick Environmental Network’s annual meeting, Eco-Confluence, which was held in Fredericton over the weekend. Each year, significant efforts by citizens and citizen groups toward the protection and restoration of New Brunswick’s environment are recognized at a special awards ceremony.

The New Brunswick Environmental Network is a non-profit communications network of over 100 citizens’ environmental groups from across the province. The goal of the Network is to encourage communication and collaboration among groups and between groups, government and other sectors.

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