We asked all the candidates in Atlantic Canada to respond to 7 questions that are of concern to Sierra Club members ... and the responses are now compiled!
We believe we have made some headway in educating candidates on many of these issues, and are very grateful for the time they took to answer us during what is a very grueling and stressful time.
What remains is for them to keep their commitments, once they are elected.
We were disappointed that more candidates did not respond to our questionnaire: two candidates from the Liberals and Conservatives answered our questions. The NDP Party took the time to summarize their responses, and we received individual answers from a total 9 Green and 12 NDP candidates.
Key points of agreement in the answers we received:
  • the need to encourage renewables and green jobs in our region (but we need to tell folks WHAT renewables to support and HOW MUCH to support them);
  • the need to fix our fisheries by reforming Department of Fisheries and Oceans;
  • support for cleaning up Boat Harbour was across the board, except in Peter MacKay's response (somewhat ironic because the site is located in his riding!);
  • the need for better regulation of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas ("fracking"), with many Green Party candidates calling for a ban; and
  • support to repeal the change in the Fisheries Act that would allow Sandy Pond (and lakes and rivers across the country) from becoming waste dumps.
Areas where we need to get to work on are:
  • Conservative received an "F" in our Sierra national grading on climate change, and their lack of support for renewables and green jobs hurts our region. Their support for the Lower Churchill mega-project while wiping out support for renewables (wind, solar, etc.) will leave many communities unable to participate in our green energy future;
  • Individual Liberals said they would protect Sandy Pond from becoming a waste dump for mines, but their party's commitment to do so was vague;
  • shutting down Point Lepreau nuclear power plant (Conservatives, Liberals did not agree to do so) while the NDP want reforms and no more subsidies to nuclear and fixing regulations but made no commitment to shut down the plant; and
  • protecting the Gulf of St. Lawrence for oil and gas development (only the Green Party agreed to protect the Gulf from oil), while the Liberals and NDP want better regulation and thorough review.
On May 2nd, we will begin he 41st Parliament of Canada. Some of the candidates who answered these questionnaires will be in Ottawa, representing you. Let's use these commitments to help us achieve a healthier and sustainable Atlantic Canada. 
Summary of Candidate's responses

1. Support for Renewables
2. Protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence fro Oil and Gas
3. Point Lepreau Nuclear Power Plant Decommisssioning
4. Save Sandy Pond
5. Fix Our Fisheries
6. Take Action on Fracking
7. Clean Up Boat Harbour


If you would like to see what candidates in your riding or province answered, please go here.

Please circulate ! And for goodness sake VOTE.
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