LG Award 2012

In 2012, the Lieutenant-Governor’s Award of Excellence in Land Conservation was established to mark the 25th anniversary of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick. Mary Majka, one of Canada’s great pioneering conservationists, was the recipient of the inaugural award.

Call for nominations for 2013!

As Honorary Patron of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick, the Honourable Graydon Nicholas, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick will present the award in recognition of an individual or organization’s significant contributions to the protection of natural heritage through land conservation in New Brunswick.

Do you know an individual or organization that has demonstrated excellence in land conservation in our province?

Successful nominees will have a significant impact on land conservation in New Brunswick through leadership, direct action, and long-term involvement as well as other significant contributions. Eligible nominees may include those individuals or organizations involved in stewardship, volunteerism, donation of lands, or building effective partnerships, and must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • - An individual or entity who has contributed in a sustained manner over a significant period of time.
  • - An individual or entity who has contributed significantly in a relatively short amount of time.
  • - A donor of funds or property.
  • - A volunteer, steward and/or member of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick.
  • - A corporate or community partner of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick.
  • - An individual who contributed significantly in the past and should be recognized posthumously.

The nomination deadline for this year’s award is Sept. 15, 2013. Nominations may be submitted by mail or email (naturetrust@ntnb.org).

The Selection Committee shall have five members, as chosen by:

  • - The Atlantic Regional Board of the Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • - The New Brunswick Minister of Natural Resources
  • - The Regional Director of the federal Department of Environment
  • - The Board of Nature NB
  • - A Chairperson named by the Board of Trustees of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick

Nominating and Selection Process

Nominations may be in French or English, typewritten, and submitted with the following components:

  • - Nomination letter – a cover letter including the name, address, telephone number and organization of both the nominee and nominator(s).
  • - Accomplishments – a narrative based on the selection criteria for the Award (not exceeding three pages) explaining the basis for the nomination that, in the opinion of the nominator(s), qualifies the nominee for the award, with such supporting evidence as may be appropriate for the Selection Committee to consider.
  • - References.

The Selection Committee will make the judgment solely on the basis of the information received and will not seek additional information about any of the nominees.

Please note that, in making its decision, the Selection Committee attaches considerable importance to the nature and the quality of the documentation submitted by the nominators.

Nominations received for the Award in any given year will be considered automatically for the next two years after receipt of a renewal of nomination letter by nominator(s).

In any given year, the Selection Committee may decide not to give an award.

The names of the nominees and the ranking of the nominees by the Selection Committee shall be treated confidentially.

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2 Août 2013

Noel Augustine, Geptin

Grand conseil des Mi’kmaq

District de Signigtog,



Cher Geptin Augustine,

Nous, les groupes communautaires soussignés, appuyons votre présentation d’un avis d’expulsion à SWN Resources Canada et à toutes ses compagnies subsidiaires ou entrepreneurs impliqués dans l’exploration ou l’extraction des gaz de schiste dans le territoire Signigtog.

Le gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick a agi d’une façon unilatérale et antidémocratique. Il n’a fait aucun effort pour consulter votre peuple. Il n’a pas tenu compte de vos déclarations, de vos droits et de vos titres fonciers.

Il a refusé d’écouter le mouvement populaire qui prend de l’ampleur chaque jour. Il a refusé d’entreprendre une évaluation des risques pour la santé même si le médecin hygiéniste en chef l’avait fortement suggéré. Il ignore les preuves accablantes que l’extraction non conventionnelle des gaz de schiste menace notre santé, notre environnement et le bienêtre des futures générations.

Mais, bien que le gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick agisse comme si nous n’existions pas, il travaille main dans la main avec la Southwestern Energy Company (SWN). Son dernier geste de bonne volonté a consisté à accorder la permission de forer dans nos terres humides et dans les zones tampons de nos cours d’eau dans huit comtés.

Compte tenu de ces circonstances où les processus démocratiques sont carrément mis à l’écart et que nous nous voyons forcés de choisir entre l’extraction des gaz et du pétrole par fracturation hydraulique ou notre santé, c’est pour nous un honneur de vous appuyer personnellement et soutenir les revendications de votre peuple.

Solidaires avec vous :

Conservation Council of NB

Council of Canadians, Fredericton

Council of Canadians, Saint John

Darlings Island Nauwigewauk Fracking Intervention

New Brunswickers Against Fracking

Friends of Mt. Carelton

Friends of the UNB Woodlot

Memramcook Action

New Brunswickers Against Fracking

Tantramar Alliance Against Hydro-Fracking

Upriver Environment Watch

Water and Environmental Protection for Albert County

August 2, 2013

Noel Augustine, Geptin

Mi’kmaq Grand Council

Signigtog District,

New Brunswick

Dear Geptin Augustine:

We the undersigned community groups stand with you in serving this Notice of Eviction to SWN Resources Canada and any subsidiary company or contractor engaged in shale gas exploration or development in the Territory of Signigtog.

The government of New Brunswick has acted all along in a unilateral, undemocratic manner. It has made no attempt to consult with your people. It has ignored your declarations, your rights and titles.

It has refused to listen to the grassroots movement which gains ground every day. It has refused to make a health risk assessment even though its Chief Medical Officer has strongly suggested one. It ignores the compelling evidence that unconventional shale gas mining threatens our health, our environment and the well being of future generations.

But though the government of New Brunswick acts as if we do not exist, it works hand in glove with Southwestern Energy Company (SWN). Its latest gesture of goodwill gave this company permission to test across our wetlands and watercourse buffers in eight counties.

Under these circumstances when democratic processes are cast aside, when we are being forced to choose between hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas and health, it is an honour to stand with you and your people.

In Solidarity we are:

Conservation Council of NB

Council of Canadians, Fredericton

Council of Canadians, Saint John

Darlings Island Nauwigewauk Fracking Intervention

New Brunswickers Against Fracking

Friends of Mt. Carelton

Friends of the UNB Woodlot

Memramcook Action

New Brunswickers Against Fracking

Tantramar Alliance Against Hydro-Fracking

Upriver Environment Watch

Water and Environmental Protection for Albert County


Minister of Environment and Local Government Bruce Fitch has indicated on CBC radio this morning that he is under pressure to release Environmental Trust Fund monies which have accumulated over the years to create the new Energy Institute (which Louis Lapierre will lead). 

This may be a trial balloon to gauge public response.  So NGOs need to respond!

The ETF contains funds intended to enable environmental needs to be addressed, NOT institutes which study the shale gas industry. Please contact Minister Fitch TODAY to indicate your disapproval of this idea: bruce.fitch@gnb.ca. Also your MLA!

If groups who have received ETF funds in the past fail to object to this proposal it will likely proceed.

Please let your Minister and MLA know that ETF Funds are to be spent on worthwhile community environmental initiatives which generate employment in rural areas and contribute to the quality of life in New Brunswick.

Thank you!
Céline Délacroix, Executive Director
CCNB Action

All are asked to call or email both the Prime Minister and the Governor General to ask them to meet together with Chief Spence who's health is declining.

From a press release we know that today in Ottawa at 11 am, Ellen Gabriel, Kanien'kehá:ka Nation of Kanehsatà:ke, her elder and other “Indigenous Women of Turtle Island” in solidarity with Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence will deliver a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office, at 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON to respectfully request the Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor General David Johnson, together to meet with Chief Theresa Spence as soon as possible. Members of the Indigenous Women of Turtle Island will address the media on the women’s commitment to see the meeting Chief Spence is seeking.
Hunger Strike – Day 38
Pleas to Top Canadian Officials Urged on Chief Spence's Behalf
Levi Rickert, editor-in-chief in Native Challenges.
VICTORIA ISLAND, OTTAWA, CANADA – In what may be the beginning to a tragic end of life for Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence, information coming from an unnamed source tells Native News Network that Chief Spence is experiencing low blood sugar, dizziness, a slow heart beat and chest pains.
Chief Spence has been on a sacrificial hunger strike since December 11, 2012. Today marks Day 38 of her hunger strike.
People across Canada – and elsewhere – are being asked to send prayers for Chief Spence and to write or call Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor General David Johnston's offices to plea with these two top Canadian officials to grant Chief Spence her wishes for a meeting with both of them and First Nations chiefs.
“Since the beginning of my journey in this hunger strike, I've remained consistent in my request for a meeting between all parties to Treaty. This would include Chiefs, the Governor General and the Prime Minister,” commented Chief Spence in a news release earlier this week issued by the Attawapiskat First Nation.
“Chief Spence is physically not doing too well so we must united as First Nations people and keep the momentum of the movement going strong… Time is precious. We CANNOT let her die,” stated Angela Bercier, Ojibwe.
“Chief Theresa Spence is getting weaker every day and time is running out,” said Claudia Julien, Metis-Wabanaki Confederacy.
“Please take a moment to send a letter to the prime minister and governor general. This is the future of our children and grandchildren.”
Contact information for Prime Minister Stephen Harper is:
Stephen Harper
Office of Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A OA2
Fax 613.941.6900
Contact information for Governor General David Johnston is:
Governor General David Johnston
Rideau Hall
1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A1

For Immediate Release             PRESS RELEASE                November 26, 2011

Walk for a ban on fracking – stop ”fracking“ with our water and air

FREDERICTON NB ---- A citizen march through downtown Fredericton, culminating with a rally at the Provincial Legislature, will take place on Tuesday November 27th to demand a stop to unconventional natural gas development in NB.

On Legislature Opening Day, Tuesday November 27th, about 40 groups and hundreds of individuals will commemorate last year’s rally against shale gas, and show solidarity with the 20,000 people who signed the 2011 petition, with “a walk for a ban on fracking” through Fredericton.

The peaceful walk will begin at 11am at the Old Burial grounds and will finish with a rally between noon and 1 pm in front of the Legislature Building with a number of brief speaker presentations.

“The goal of Tuesday’s walk and rally is to demand an immediate stop to unconventional natural gas exploration and permitting”, says Julia Linke (PhD) of the Fredericton chapter of The Council of Canadians.

The groups and organizations that have already joined or endorsed this event are a real cross-section of both rural and urban New Brunswick and include 24 community groups, 6 NGOs, 3 union organizations, 2 political parties, and 4 student groups.

Jim Emberger of the Taymouth Community Association states “The opposition to shale gas fracking is only increasing in this province, as the government fails to produce any business case supporting their claims about jobs and royalties, while it continues to relax environmental protection of our wetlands, watersheds, and air to make way for this industry”. 

See: Walk For A Ban On Fracking – Stop Fracking With Our Water and Air


Pour publication immédiate      COMMUNIQUÉ                    26 novembre 2012

Marche pour interdire la fracturation – Cessez de spéculer avec notre eau et notre air

FREDERICTON NB ---- Une marche à Fredericton qui se terminera par un rassemblement à l’Assemblée législative aura lieu le mardi 27 novembre pour demander de mettre fin à l’exploitation non traditionnelle du gaz naturel au NB.

À l’ouverture de l’Assemblée législative, le mardi 27 novembre, environ 40 groupes et des centaines de personnes vont se rappeler le rassemblement de l’an dernier et démontrer leur solidarité avec les 20 000 personnes qui ont signé la pétition, en participant à une marche à Fredericton pour interdire la fracturation hydraulique. 

Cette marche pacifique va commencer à 11 h au vieux cimetière et se terminera avec un rassemblement entre midi et 13 heures devant l’édifice de l’Assemblée législative.  De brèves discours seront présentés.

« Le but de la marche et du rassemblement de mardi est d'exiger un arrêt immédiate de l’exploration et de l’exploitation par méthode non traditionnelle du gaz naturel, » affirme Julia Linke (PhD) du chapitre de Fredericton du Conseil des Canadiens.

Les groupes et les organisations qui se sont déjà joints à cette manifestation ou qui l’ont endossée constituent un véritable échantillon des populations rurales et urbaines du Nouveau-Brunswick, et ils incluent 24 groupes des collectivités, 6 ONG, 3 organisations professionnelles/syndicats, 2 partis politiques, et 4 groupes d’ étudiants.

Jim Emberger de l’Association communautaire de Taymouth dit « L’opposition à la fracturation ne peut que s’accroitre dans la province, parce que ce gouvernement ne réussit pas à présenter une analyse de rentabilité pour appuyer ses prétentions concernant les emplois et les redevances tout en continuant à affaiblir la protection environnementale de nos zones humides, de nos bassins versants et de notre atmosphère pour faire place à cette industrie. »

Voir « Marche pour interdire la fracturation – Cessez de spéculer avec notre eau et notre air »

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