We invite everyone concerned about the climate crisis to sign a petition urging the federal government to take bold action with significantly increased climate ambition.

Canada’s federal government is rolling out its’ emissions targets, sectoral action plans and legislation (Bill C-12 Short title “Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act”). These plans fall far short of meeting the level set by the IPCC in Paris in 2015. (Some supporting action plans are equally questionable, notably the plan to develop new nuclear reactors that will not be ready in time to address the climate crisis and will add more toxic radioactive waste.)

“Why Getting to Paris with Trudeau Doesn’t Cut it" describes how inadequate federal government plans are. Our petition calls on them to address these shortfalls by increasing Canada’s emissions reduction targets and ensuring that the ‘advisory body’ of up to 15 people proposed in the legislation, is comprised exclusively of scientific experts. If you agree, please sign the House of Commons Petition You will receive a follow up email from the House of Commons which asks you to respond to confirm that you were the person signing the petition.

Jenica Atwin, MP for Fredericton NB, has agreed to be the authorizing Member of Parliament to present the petition in the House. It will remain open until May 11, 2021. Please share this petition as widely as possible so that it can gather a maximum number of signatures in excess of the 500 signatures required to present an E Petition to the Government!
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