Flourishing Forests Foundation

The Flourishing Forests Foundation is a foundation run by Fore, a 10 year old NB girl passionate about the environment. The foundation's vision is to reduce and eventually eliminate where possible the use of paper in the elementary school system in Anglophone South School District by 2030.

Flourishing Forests is looking for Mentors who can assist with the following:
  • provide some time (perhaps 30 minutes twice a year) to speak to a group of kids about what they do and how they believe deforestation can help our environment.
  • provide some time (one hour once a quarter) to review Flourishing Forests plans for the quarter and help provide guidance on how to refine the plan to create awareness on deforestation with Elementary school kids in New Brunswick.
  • be dedicated to Flourishing Forests’ potential clubs which Fore intends to form in the Elementary schools by participating in talks/information sessions or projects to support the initiative.

We would be glad to also learn more about how mentors could possibly support outside of the ways listed above. Please contact Ona at onabadejoko@gmail.com.
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