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We offer a variety of sessions to help plan events, apply for funding and more. Here are some of the sessions we offer:
  • Staff-facing sessions on our program, grantable criteria, and how to best recognize and support grant-eligible projects when you encounter them. While best-suited to youth-facing staff, we can customize this a bit to meet the needs of the org. we're working with.
  • Youth-facing sessions on ideation - best-suited to youth who want to do something but are not certain what yet, exactly. We capture idea prompts and help youth to develop grantable ideas.
  • Youth-facing sessions on grantwriting - best-suited to youth who have some ideas already, we engage them in developing a project outline, budget, and backcasting/forecasting their project stages.
  • Co-facilitation with our partners - we are increasingly more often called upon to co-deliver sessions with our partners. This takes on many different forms, from conferences and panels, to shared facilitation of workshops, to creating redistributable media to be housed permanently online, and many more. We can work together to meet your mandate outcomes and help amplify youth voices along the way.
These are a start, but we can help with other offerings not on that list as well, and try to do so on a case-by-case basis. Let me know if you see anything on your radar that looks like it might be a fit, and we can see about finding a way to support. Additionally, we do have funds for events if you have opportunities to deliver relevant programming or events, and think that we should be involved, we can provide support to help ensure the success of the event.

Please contact Cory at for more information on these grants. #RisingYouth

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