The Environmental Rights Caucus brings groups together to work towards the establishment of an Environmental Bill of Rights in New Brunswick. The caucus goals include:

  • Pushing forward legislation around human rights to healthy environments,
  • Encouraging public engagement,
  • Bringing media and political attention to Environmental Rights.

In July 2019, the Environmental Rights Caucus met in person with various stakeholders to revise and update the 2016 New Brunswick Environmental Bill of Rights drafted by the East Coast Environmental Law for the New Brunswick Environmental Rights Working Group. From this meeting emerged the New Brunswick Environmental Bill of Rights: An Act to Protect Children, All New Brunswickers and Nature which was revised and renamed Bill 19: An Act Respecting The right to a Healthy Environment in 2023 by the Green Party. The bill was first introduced in the New Brunswick legislature on December 7, 2023 by Green Party leader David Coon. You can read it here.

Bill 19: An Act Respecting the Right to a Healthy Environment, December 7, 2023. Learn more and sign up as a supporter by clicking here.

The NBEN brings environmental groups together to work on environmental rights issues through its caucus approach.
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