2023 EECOM Conference: Taking Action through Environmental Learning and Youth Leadership.

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Hosted by the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) and the New Brunswick Environmental Network!
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Taking Action through Environmental Learning and Youth Leadership

As we slowly emerge from a global pandemic, the need for collective and collaborative solutions to the complex systems
that have contributed to social inequalities, racial disparities, and the effects of climate change is more apparent than ever before. The headlines filling our daily news feeds highlight the urgency to address a myriad of environmental and social issues and transition to a truly equitable green economy that will ensure our collective futures. This prompts us to think deeply about how we can equip, support and empower a generation of youth to enter careers in a variety of sectors that support the planet and contribute to systemic change.

EECOM 2023 is being chaired by the Gaia Project, The Conservation Corps of Newfoundland and Labrador, The Clean Foundation, The Three Nations Education Group, and the Sustainability Education Alliance at NBEN. 

The conference will be held virtually using Zoom and Hopin. Teachers will be encouraged to join with their students for some of the sessions during class time. Selected presentations will also be livestreamed. Regional in-person workshops and activities will be held in collaboration with conference co-chairs in each of the Atlantic provinces. 

With this in mind, the main goals of this conference are: 

  • To move away from the narrative of individual guilt to collective, collaborative, and equitable solutions
  • To empower youth and young people and leave them feeling inspired for truly sustainable environmental futures 
  • To acknowledge that youth are our teachers, and that we borrow the earth from future generations
  • To recognize that we live in a world of interconnectedness, interdependence, and intersectionality - therefore inclusive learning practices and environmental solutions that centre marginalized voices will be at the heart of this conference and a truly sustainable future

The conference will have 3 main streams:

Stream 1: Green Careers and Mentorship

Real action on climate and environmental issues requires whole-systems change. As we move toward a Just Transition and away from fossil fuels and toward a more sustainable society, how do we support youth to see themselves as part of the green economy? There are a multitude of green career opportunities and pathways for youth, and it is important to make them aware of the variety of sustainability-related positions that exist across all sectors and industries. This stream invites discussion on education and the green economy, highlights of successful green career programs, personal stories or mentorship, and exploration of a Just Transition.

Stream 2: Supporting Youth Climate Action 

Youth of all identities and backgrounds are and will be at the forefront of climate movements across the globe. It is important to highlight and support the work of youth in order that they may be well-equipped and cared for as they face the challenges of the future. This includes considerations of eco-anxiety, skills development, fighting imposter syndrome, and opportunities for multigenerational mentorship and relationship building. This stream will provide an intersectional lens to environmental education in all subjects and create spaces for educators to discuss how we can help young people to learn, grow, rest, and find joy and inspiration in climate action. 

Stream 3: Cross-curricular experiential learning 

Cross-circular experiential learning highlights alternative educational approaches and tools that support learning outside of the four walls of a classroom. Specifically, it encourages principles of deep learning, outdoor and land-based education, two-eyed seeing, hands-on learning, mentorship, local community resources, and opportunities for youth to direct their own education that will enrich and expand environmental learning. This stream will provide tools to all kinds of educators so that they can equip youth to become lifelong learners that lead community-based solutions to local and global challenges that are inclusive of everyone. 


eecomThe Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) is Canada’s only national and bilingual network for environmental learning that works strategically and collaboratively to advance environmental learning.

Since 1995, EECOM National Conferences have been among the largest annual gatherings of environmental learning stakeholders in Canada, and provide outstanding professional development and networking opportunities.

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Event Date 15-Feb-2023
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