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Compost with Worms!
Wednesday 03 February 2021 - 12:00pm - Wednesday 03 February 2021 01:00pm
Lets Learn About Worms
Attend an engaging panel on Zoom and hear from 3 folks who have experience composting with worms. We welcome all of your questions. 

John Castell had his first introduction to vermiculture during a 1 month Master Composter course that he took almost 20 years ago. Since then he has been involved giving composting presentations to corporate Lunch and Learns, garden clubs, Community Garden groups, the Fall Fair at Ganong Nature Park near St. Stephen, school classroom presentations from primary through to high schools in several municipalities, and at demonstrations for the University of Florida Horticulture programs. He and his wife have been using vermiculture to convert kitchen scraps to compost (worm castings) for about 16 years. He says the "nice thing about vermiculture is that you can keep it in the kitchen handy for feeding food scraps to the worms. Done properly, there is no bad odour. The worms convert waste food into on of the best composts available." 

We will also hear from Michael Freeman who is excited to share his methods, take questions, compare with other compost aficionados and neophytes. 

Our third guest is Michelle Strain, who is the Administrative Director at Mount Allison University. Compost is her favourite topic, and says that "making good compost from food waste is a wonderful way to use that resource that might normally not be composted to go back on the land. There is too much food waste on our planet for sure! My own household food waste goes into a bin for my worm pets to eat." 
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In an effort to make this event as hands on as possible, if you live in the Sackville or St. Andrews area and would like to start your own worm composter, please contact Michael or John, as they will generously give some worms to folks who are interested, in the next few weeks. Worms will be delivered following all Covid precautions including the saniztizing of containers, hand washing, mask wearing and contactless delivery. 

Sackville area: Michael Freeman

St. Andrews area: John Castell

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