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Webinar: Introduction to Passive and Semi-Passive Water Treatment for Mining Impacted Waters
Wednesday 15 July 2020 - 02:00pm - Wednesday 15 July 2020 03:00pm
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Passive water treatment is now becoming a requirement for mine closure in many jurisdictions in Canada and globally. Understanding the current status of technology and application is critical to success for mine water management and permitting. Having a foundation of knowledge and understanding of terms, considerations, and applications is important to staying up to date with industry trends.

Passive and semi-passive water treatment systems (PTSs) can be effective technologies for treating mining impacted waters. Join us on July 15th at 11:00am MDT where our guest speaker Monique Simair from Maven Water & Environment we will discuss:
  • Why mines treat water (how and why is it impacted, and what do they need to treat for)
  • Technology types
  • Modern vs historical applications of technology
  • What can be treated
  • Inclusion in operations and closure planning
  • Expectations for performance and operation

This course is designed to provide regulators, owners, and operators with information about types of modern-day PTSs, their applications, strengths, weaknesses, and paths to implementation. The intention is to develop a common understanding and language around PTSs, how they work, and when they can be applied to treat mine impacted waters.

Member Price: Free
Non-Member Price: $29
Webinar Length: 60 mins
Career Stage: Junior to Mid-Career

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