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Webinar: A Just Transition for Sustainable Jobs
Friday 26 June 2020 - 12:30pm - Friday 26 June 2020 01:00pm

The Climate Reality Project Canada is an NGO founded by Al Gore that focuses on educating people about climate change issues and the solutions to the current climate crisis. 

Our webinar series is based on one of our initiatives, the National Climate League’s 2019 Standings. The Standings measure how municipalities across Canada are doing on a number of sustainable development indicators and ranks which cities are thriving in which of these areas. This series serves to promote the 2019 Standings by discussing, throughout the course of a webinar, one of the 15 primary indicators of the Standings.

June 26th at 11:30 EDT, we will be hosting one on sustainable jobs, featuring Patrick Rondeau, Union Advisor at the FTQ. Here is the link to register to the webinar:

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