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Webinar: Disinfecting, Cleaning, and Best Practices for Protecting Your Family During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Tuesday 19 May 2020 - 02:00am - Tuesday 19 May 2020 02:45pm
Collaborative on Health and the Environment

Since the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic began there has been an onslaught of news, information, and emerging science on the topic. Discerning how to best keep family and loved ones safe can be challenging in these times. Since the Coronavirus started spreading in the US, there has been an increased use of disinfectants and cleaners that pose potential dangers of their own. During this webinar scientists will present their work on effective, non-toxic solutions to cleaning and disinfecting in the home. Dr. Stephanie Holm, Co-Director of the Western States Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (PEHSU) at University of California, San Francisco, will discuss a new Safer Disinfecting infographic resource from the Western States PEHSU. Dr. Holm will also discuss why making safer cleaning and disinfecting choices is important, the health risks of common disinfectants, and how to find safer products.

Dr. Karen Wang, Director of the Collaborative on Health and the Environment, and founder of the consumer education site, Because Health, will then discuss with Dr. Holm the latest science on COVID-19 persistence in the environment and practical advice for safely minimizing the risk of viral exposure in the home. Topics of discussion will include DIY disinfectants and hand sanitizers, specific products to look for in stores or online, wearing and washing facemasks properly, and safely receiving deliveries. There will also be adequate time for an audience Q&A session.

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