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Healthy Environments, Healthy Minds
Thursday 23 January 2020 - 08:30am - Thursday 23 January 2020 04:00pm
Over the last decade, there has been increasing awareness around mental health and its importance, but what are the links between mental health and the environment? What are the implications for children and youth?

The environment affects children’s mental health in many ways. Contaminants in the air, water, soil, food, and household products can interfere biochemically and neurologically with mental health. Climate stress and eco-anxiety are on the rise, particularly among children and youth, who are concerned about their future. On the positive side, evidence is building to show that exposure to nature and outdoor play has positive benefits to children’s mental health. On the whole, the environment & mental health is a multi-faceted and emerging area of study, one that is worthwhile to dive into!

You might be wondering:
  • How can we alleviate children’s worries and anxiety around climate change? 
  • In what ways to contaminants affect children’s mental health and how can these impacts be reduced?
  • How does outdoor play benefit children and how can we remove barriers that prevent them from going outside?

Join us on January 23rd to explore these questions and take part in a day filled with interesting presentations, useful workshops, tools, strategies and networking!

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