November 16, 2019, 8:30-4:45
St. Thomas University, Fredericton

Assembly of All Groups: Let’s build on one another’s efforts! Share key information with groups around the province and learn about other groups’ current issues, priorities, tools, and approaches. A little information goes a long way.

Workshops & Dialogues: Building our capacity! Join in-depth solutions-oriented dialogues and hands-on workshops to move common challenges ahead. Learn from experienced practitioners about ways to make your group more effective.

Stronger Relationships: Relationships are always front and centre in our work. Face-to-face time with others in the Network helps us develop stronger relationships and build resiliency in the environmental movement.

Annual General Meeting: We can accomplish a lot when we work together! Hear about the latest successes and on-going collaborative initiatives happening under the NBEN umbrella and welcome new groups to the Network.

Draft Agenda

8:30-9:00 am Registration & Networking  Silent Auction
9:00-9:15 am Welcome & Introductions  
9:15-9:55 am Workshops & Dialogues I Engagement organizing: Supporting citizen mobilization and leadership – Renata Woodward, Nature Trust of NB
Coping mechnisms for dealing with eco-anxiety and activism burn-out – facilitator to be confirmed
9:55-10:05 Break Refreshments
Silent auction
10:05-10:45 am Workshops & Dialogues II A new path forward for consultation on natural resource development in New Brunswick – Raissa Marks, New Brunswick Environmental Network
Upping your social media game – Tzomi Burkhart, New Brunswick Environmental Network
10:45-10:55 Break Refreshments
Silent auction
10:55-11:35 Workshops & Dialogues III Sharing our environmental stories: Media cooperatives in New Brunswick – Susan O’Donnell, Rural Action and Voices for the Environment
Approaching tricky conversations: Flood risk and relocation – Sabine Dietz, Nature NB
11:35-11:45 Break Refreshments
Silent auction
11:45-12:45 Annual General Meeting Welcoming new groups
Steering Committee elections
Bylaw amendments
12:45-1:30 pm Lunch
Silent Auction
1:30-1:40 Presentation of NBEN Awards  
1:40-3:00 Assembly of All Groups I Climate Change
Mobilisation for climate action - Antoine Zboralski, Symbiose
Divest UNB Campaign - Rachel Besler, Rural Action and Voices for the Environment / UNB Student
Climate stress workshops – Lauren Clark, EOS Eco-Energy
Low-carbon economy Caucus - Lynaya Astephen, Red Head - Anthony’s Cove Preservation Association
New Brunswick Climate Change Adaptation Collaborative - Ben Whalen, Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee
Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise - Sabine Dietz, Nature NB

Nature & Biodiversity
Working together to conserve a common tern colony in Shediac - Jolyne Hébert, Shediac Bay Watershed Association
New & improved invasive species efforts - Kristin Elton, New Brunswick Invasive Species Council
Crown lands Caucus - Roberta Clowater, Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society, New Brunswick Chapter (invited)
Advances in protected areas in NB - Roberta Clowater, Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society, New Brunswick Chapter (invited)
New Brunswick Biodiversity Collaborative - Vanessa Roy-McDougall, Nature NB

Atlantic Data Stream - Emma Wattie, Atlantic Water Network
Where is the water strategy? - Lois Corbett, Conservation Council of NB
Watershed Caucus - Donald Killorn, Eastern Charlotte Waterways
Water issues in West Saint John - David Thompson, Friends of Musquash
3:00-3:15 Break Refreshments
Silent auction
3:15-4:25 Assembly of All Groups II Rights & Rights-Holders
Land protectors at the Sisson Mine site - Katalin Koller, Council of Canadians Fredericton Chapter
Plants & animals take the NB Government to court - Jean-Louis Deveau, Friends of Mount Carleton Provincial Park
Environmental rights Caucus - Bonnie Hamilton Bogart, Voices for Sustainable Environments and Communities

Engagement & Mobilisation
Campaign to stop glyphosate spraying - Bruce Dryer, Stop Spraying New Brunswick
Using engagement organizing principles to engage new audiences - Emma McIntyre, Nature NB
Using art as to engage new audiences - Danielle Smith, UNB Sustainability
Thinking bigger about funding - Simon Mitchell, WWF Canada / Meduxnekeag River Association

Health & Education
Sustainability Education Alliance of New Brunswick - Roland Chiasson, Nature NB
Great Minds Think Outside teacher training program - Nadine Ives, Conservation Council of NB
New Brunswick Children’s Environmental Health Collaborative - Barb MacKinnon, New Brunswick Lung Association
Working across sectors to address the health impacts of resource development - Annika Chiasson, New Brunswick Environmental Network
4:25-4:30 Wrap-up  
4:30-4:45 Break Networking
Silent auction
4:45 Silent Auction Closes  

whoscomingJimmy Therrien, Melissa Rafuse, Elizabeth Hyslop, David Thompson, Nadine Ives, Marieka Chaplin, Emma Wattie, Samantha Brewster, Kelsey Wilson, Barbara MacKinnon, Donald Killorn, Charlotte Flores, Ben Whalen, Rebecca Sharp, Hélène Maillet, Alysha McGrattan, Jenna Knorr, Emma McIntyre, Vanessa Roy-McDougall, Frank Johnston, Antoine Zboralski, Dorice Pinet, Roland Chiasson, Rachel Besler, Lauren Clark, Lynaya Astephen, Sabine Dietz, Jolyne Hébert, Kristin Elton, Lois Corbett, Katalin Koller, Jean-Louis Deveau, Bonnie Hamilton Bogart, Danielle Smith, Simon Mitchell, Roland Chiasson, Annika Chiasson, Renata Woodward, Raissa Marks, Tzomi Burkhart, Susan O’Donnell, Surabhi Sheth, Zaheera Denath, Charles Thibodeau

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