• Making it Happen: COP21 in Paris | A special edition of EcoAlert Magazine

    The Conservation Council of New Brunswick has released a new special edition of its membership magazine,
    EcoAlert: <2° — Making it Happen at COP21 in Paris.

    This special edition will help you cut through the jargon and technicalities of international climate negotiations to understand:What the heck is COP21 in Paris? What’s it all about? What does the fight against climate change mean for me, our province, and Canada as a whole?

    • In this issue: •the road to locally-made clean energy in NB • charting the course toward a low-carbon economy • a brief history of international climate negotiations • best and the rest: countries’ climate plans heading into COP21 • how you can live greener and cleaner at home and work • and more

    Click here to download a PDF version of this issue, or head toour archives for past editions.
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