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  • Shale Gas Community Groups in New Brunswick Express Concern

    The power of networks is shown by these eleven groups who collaborated together on a media release as a way to voice a shared opinion - their release speaks for itself, enjoy.


    July 7, 2011


    Shale Gas Community Groups in New Brunswick Express Concern


    New Brunswick - The Citizens for Responsible Resource Development's (CRRD) media conference announcing support for the continued development of the shale gas industry in New Brunswick does not express nor represent the views of many of the community based groups that have been formed to address the issues of this relatively new and highly controversial industry in our Province.


    Many New Brunswicker's are still unaware and unfamiliar with this complex industry. We, the undersigned, are looking forward to continuing to work in our communities and with each other to educate and inform residents of the potential impacts of a shale gas industry in New Brunswick.


    Hampton Water First
    Harvey Environmental Action Team (HEAT)
    Maliseet Grand Council
    Our Environment, Our Choice
    Quality of Life Initiative
    Concerned Citizens of Penobsquis
    Friends of Mount Carleton Provincial Park Inc.
    Corn Hill Area Residents Association
    Ban Fracking NB
    Council of Canadians
    Action Memramcook

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