• Establishing the Low-Carbon Economy in New Brunswick

    On December 7, 2017, 23 groups signed on to a statement addressing the low-carbon economy.  To read the complete statement, click here

    The statement calls on the government of New Brunswick to:
    • adopt the establishment of the Low-Carbon Economy as the base for a stable and more resilient economy starting in 2018;
    • include transparent safeguards preventing the possibility to hide or misrepresent emission and carbon credit figures;
    • ensure success by not allowing “output-based pricing,” revenue neutrality measures and other backsliding measures from corporate and consumer interest groups;
    • allow no grace period in fully implementing the carbon pricing program, or give away carbon credits rather than sell them to industries that pollute under the cap-and-trade regime; and
    • invest and reinvest all provincial carbon tax revenues in clean energy, clean transportation and infrastructure, and energy efficiency.
    The statement is signed by:
    Association for the protection of marshes and beaches at l'Aboiteau
    Bathurst Sustainable Development
    Citizens Coalition for Clean Air – Saint John, NB
    Concerned Citizens of Saint John
    Council of Canadians – Atlantic
    Council of Canadians – Kent County Chapter
    Department of Geography and Environment, Mount Allison University
    East Brûlé Citizens for Protected Wetlands and Beaches 
    Esgenoopetitj Watershed Association
    Friends of Rockwood Park, INC. – Saint John, NB
    Green Light – Grand Falls, NB
    NB Anti-Shale Gas Alliance
    New Brunswickers Against Fracking – Doaktown, NB
    OCIA Atlantic
    Recherche Indépendante de Retraité en Écologie
    Red Dot Association of Shediac Bay
    Sierra Club Canada Foundation Atlantic Canada Chapter
    Sustainable Energy Group – Woodstock, NB
    Taymouth Environmental Action
    University of New Brunswick Saint John Green Society
    Voices for Sustainable Environments and Communities – Village of Gagetown, NB
    West/Ouest Brûlé Ltd.
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