• Denied: Species at Risk Status

    For those concerned about maintaining environmental protection, the recent federal decision to deny the applications for 3 species to be included the Species at Risk list is a red flag. The species, 2 plants and 1 dragonfly, might be found only in a few locations, but from my viewpoint that is the whole point of having endangered species legislation - to protect species that are vulnerable to being lost without anyone mounting a defence or, perhaps, without anyone even noticing. Our duty, as a species with big brains, is to ensure that all species are preserved, big and little. On top of this, the Sierra Club is raising concerns that the Species at Risk legislation itself is also on the chopping block.   For more info http://www.sierraclub.ca/en/endangered-species/media/release/laura-dragonfly-creating-buzz-parliament-hill-pleads-protection-pre

  • Species at Risk Submissions

    Check out submissionsby the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and the Canadian Wildlife Federation on the proposed elements of the New Brunswick Species at Risk Act on July 15, 2011.
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