• THIS WEEK: election report card, bye to Renee, ETF awards

    Happy Earth Day!  There are many environmental events going on around the province in the next couple of weeks, both in celebration of Earth Day and otherwise.  Read more on our website.

    On the election front, many environmental groups are trying to bring attention to environmental issues.  The Sierra Club of Canada just released its election report card, which grades the five major parties based on their platforms.  Closer to home, the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper surveyed candidates in ridings surrounding the river and was delighted by the support from most parties.

    Renee Beaulieu will be finishing her contract with the NBEN this week.  We would like to thank her for the great work she’s done for the NBEN and we wish her the best in her future endeavours!

    Back in March, the NBEN hosted a province-wide conference on education focused on sustainability.  The final report from the conference is now available.

    The ETF award list for this year has been announced.  See http://www.gnb.ca/0009/0373/0002/ETFAwards.pdf.
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