• Briefing - conservation forest

    100_5789   Dear NBEN members and associates,

    The NBEN is organizing a briefing with the Department of Natural Resources for member and associate groups. The goal of the briefing will be to fully understand the proposed changes for the 2012-2017 Crown lands management plans.  These changes will reduce the existing level of conservation forest (30.4%) to either 23% or 25%.  The new level of conservation forest, slated to begin in 2012, was a decision taken by the last government, but the current government is considering whether to proceed with these changes or not.  There is strong opposition to the changes as the conservation forest includes stream buffer zones, deer wintering areas and old growth forest habitat.

    The briefing will take place on Tuesday, May 10, 9-11 a.m. in Fredericton. Mike Sullivan and Steve Gordon will represent the Department of Natural Resources.  If you are interested in participating, please advise the NBEN by Thursday, May 5.  Thank you, Mary Ann
  • C'est le temps de voter pour Branchez-vous, faites des vagues!

    Branchez-vous, faites des vagues, organisé par le RENB, est un défi provincial qui encourage les groupes de jeunes et communautaires à travailler ensemble et entreprendre des projets de nettoyages de rives et de plantation d’arbres. Afin de promouvoir la conservation dans la province, les jeunes ont également pris part à un défi photo!

    Ensemble, les groupes ont planté 1254 arbres et nettoyé 20 hectares de rivages !

    Même si le défi 2016 s’est terminé le 21 octobre, vous pouvez toujours voter! 

    Votez pour votre défi préféré en cliquant sur le site web du défi. Créez un compte Disqus pour pouvoir voter pour vos défis préférés en sélectionnant (^). La période de vote se termine le 18 novembre. 

    Merci d’appuyer les efforts de conservation des jeunes et des communautés!
  • CPAWS NB Launches Watch Your Paws Program

    Instagram Watch Your Paws 202223

    The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society- New Brunswick Chapter (CPAWS NB) is excited to launch
    their in-class nature education program for the 2022/23 school year. The Watch Your Paws program is a
    fun and interactive way for your students to learn more about the natural environment around them.

    - The Watch Your Paws program is open to students grades 3-6
    - Presentations are available in English or French
    - In-person or online presentations will be available
    - The program was designed with curriculum outcomes in mind

    To book your class presentation, email Danielle Hak (dhak@cpaws.org) or learn more about the program
    on their website (https://cpawsnb.org/campaigns/nature-education/).
  • Découvrez les Lieux fantastiques de la Réserve de biosphère de Fundy!

    Connaissez vous les Lieux fantastiques de la Réserve de biosphère de Fundy de l’UNESCO?  

  • Discover the Fundy Biosphere Reserve's Amazing Places!

    Have you visited the Fundy Biosphere Reserve's Amazing Places? 

  • Go Wild! Hot Science, Protected Areas, Planning

    The NBEN invites you to take part in a conference that will focus on biodiversity conservation in New Brunswick and, more specifically, how to integrate this issue into planning. We encourage conservation practitioners, researchers, policy makers, land use planners, participants in the NB Biodiversity Collaborative and all those who are interested in wild spaces and species to join us at this event Wednesday, March 12. We hope you will join us!
    Looking forward to seeing you there!
  • SNAP NB lance leur programme « Surveillez Vos Pattes »

    Instagram Watch Your Paws 202223

    La Société pour la nature et les parcs du Canada – Section du Nouveau-Brunswick (SNAP NB) est
    heureuse de lancer leur programme d’éducation à la nature dans les salles de classe pour l’année
    scolaire 2022/23. Le programme « Surveillez Vos Pattes » est un moyen amusant et interactif pour vos
    élèves d’en apprendre plus sur l’environnement naturel autour d’eux.

    - Disponible pour les classes de la 3e à 6e année et les groupes de jeunes de 8 à 12 ans
    - Offert en anglais ou en français
    - Offerts en ligne ou en personne
    - Le programme a été créé en tenant compte des résultats de du programme d’études.

    Pour réserver une présentation pour votre classe, envoyez un courriel à Danielle Hak (dhak@cpaws.org)
    ou découvrez plus d’informations sur le programme sur leur site web
  • St. Thomas University Water Conservation Challenge

    The residences at St. Thomas University are taking part in the Water Conservation Challenge from January 30 to March 2! To win the challenge each house must try to bring down their water consumption from week to week. The prize for the house with the overall best ranking at the end of the challenge will win $500 and second place wins $250.


    Check out the blog for more information:


  • Time to Vote for Branch Out, Make Waves!

    BOMW Vote Now
    The NBEN’s Branch Out, Make Waves is a province-wide challenge that encourages youth and community groups to team up and take on a tree-planting and shoreline clean-up conservation project. To help raise awareness on conservation in the province, the youth groups participated in a photo and video challenge.

    Together, the groups from around the province planted 1351 trees and cleaned 18 hectares of shoreline!

    While the challenge ended on June 15th, you can still support them! The prizes categories are Challenge Favourite, Most Creative Artwork, Best 2 minute eco-documentary, Weirdest Item Cleaned up, and Best Teamwork. We want you to vote for Challenge Favourite!

    Vote by clicking the “up” arrow at the bottom of the post for Challenge Favourite. The more votes a project has, the higher up on the page it will be. On the deadline, the publication at the top of the page will win a special prize. Voting for Challenge Favourite closes on June 22nd, so make sure your voice is heard!

    You can vote HERE!

    Thank you for supporting youth and community conservation efforts!
  • Youth Volunteer Opportunity with CPAWS-NB

    Image of Kayakers paddling with text that reads Apply by July 6th Canadian Wilderness Stewardship Program, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society New Brunswick Chapter

    CPAWS NB is looking for Wilderness Ambassadors, ages 18-30, for an 8-month conservation volunteer program!

    Join us on
    a wilderness trip to the beautiful Bay of Fundy, St. Andrews region (August 25-26, 2022), for whale watching and sea-kayaking, as well to take part in local conservation volunteer work and a Regional Summit (location TBD) - all expenses paid!


    To learn more about the Canadian Wilderness Stewardship Program, please visit https://cpawsnb.org/wilderness-stewardship-program or emailmjellett@cpaws.org


    Deadline to apply is July 6th.Please note:Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so apply early!.

    Applications are available online in English and French:

    www.cpaws.org/cwsp (EN)

    www.snapcanada.org/pgfc (FR) 

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