• "Live Wild" Biodiversity

    This biodiversity logo was developed to help create awareness of the importance of New Brunswick’s biodiversity and to build public interest in preserving it. This logo can be used by all collaborative partner organizations to demonstrate solidarity and connect various efforts to advance biodiversity conservation, stewardship, and education. The logo is intended to supplement organizations' brands by demonstrating a collaborative spirit.

    The Live Wild poster was created to help you write press releases and other documents. Pin it up on you bulletin board and share it with others with #livewild! The poster is available below in English and French.

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    Download the logo and poster here or by scrolling to the very bottom of this page.  Be sure to read the usage guidelines for the logo!

    This logo is an initiative of Team Bio Communications of the NB Biodiversity Collaborative.

    • Nadine Ives, Conservation Council of New Brunswick
    • Nick Carter, Nature NB
    • Curtis Richardson, Nature Trust of New Brunswick
    • Todd Byers, New Brunswick Department of Energy and Resource Development
    • Peter McLaughlin, Department of Environment and Local Government
  • “Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Opportunities for NB”- Report now available

    On March 30, 2015, New Brunswick citizens representing a wide range of sectors met in Fredericton to develop ideas and discuss opportunities for forest management options in New Brunswick. The report from that conference is now available online.

    The event was organized in response to concerns about potential biodiversity loss under the Forest Management Strategy that was announced in March 2014. Simply put, the goal of the conference was to identify opportunities, solutions, and next steps and to provide these to the government.

    During the day, the level of expertise and know-how about both the forest economy and biodiversity was impressive, for its depth and its breadth. The highlight of the day was the Round Table, a panel of experts who raised key questions and generated new ideas. Throughout the course of the day participants contributed to expert ideas and it was exciting to see fresh thinking get posted on the wall! Throughout the course of the day opportunities were identified in three key areas:

    • protecting forest biodiversity in NB;
    • improving the economic approach to forests; and
    • modernizing public policy for Crown lands.

    The event was hosted by the Biodiversity Collaborative Steering Committee. Thank you to all the presenters, participants and those who volunteered on site during the day. 

    Click here to read the report.

  • « Voir la forêt et les arbres: occasions pour le N.-B. »- Rapport maintenant disponible

    Le 30 mars 2015, des citoyennes et des citoyens du Nouveau-Brunswick représentant une vaste gamme de secteurs se sont rencontrés à Fredericton afin de développer des idées et discuter des options de gestion forestière au Nouveau-Brunswick. Le rapport de cette conférence est maintenant disponible en ligne.

    Cet évènement a été suscité par la préoccupation largement répandue concernant la perte de biodiversité sous la Stratégie de gestion forestière annoncée en mars 2014. En bref, les buts de cette conférence étaient d’identifier les occasions, les solutions et les prochaines étapes à suivre et de les présenter au gouvernement.

    Le niveau d’expertise et de connaissances de l’économie forestière et de la biodiversité a été impressionnant par sa profondeur et sa portée. Le point saillant de la journée a été la table-ronde, un groupe d’experts qui a soulevé des questions clés et qui a généré de nouvelles idées. Au courant de la journée, les participants ont également contribué au développement de ces idées et il était excitant de voir de nouvelles réflexions affichées sur le mur! Les occasions ont été identifiées au sein de trois thèmes clés :

    ·          La protection de la biodiversité forestière au NB;

    ·          L’amélioration de l’approche économique des forêts;

    ·          La modernisation des politiques publiques pour les forêts de la Couronne.

    L’évènement était organisé par le comité directeur du Collectif pour la biodiversité. Merci à tous les présentateurs, aux participants et à ceux qui se sont portés bénévoles sur place au courant de la journée.

    Cliquez ici pour lire le report.

  • 30 Days of Biodiversity


    Wednesday, October 4, 2017

    30 Days of Biodiversity

    (Fredericton, NB) Across New Brunswick, local organizations are supporting the conservation of biodiversity through research, restoration, and education initiatives, which engage people in their communities. These organizations are passionate about promoting and protecting biodiversity in our beautiful province. Many of these initiatives will be featured in the new 30 Days of Biodiversity campaign, which will run through the month of October. The New Brunswick Biodiversity Collaborative will be promoting one initiative per day on social media and various websites.
    "We are so fortunate in New Brunswick to have such a rich natural heritage,” said Nadine Ives with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. “New Brunswickers care about nature and it's wonderful that so many groups and individuals are sharing their passion for species and habitats and working hard to understand and protect them. We are delighted to feature these great initiatives through our '30 Days for Biodiversity’ campaign." You can check out all the initiatives here: http://nben.ca/en/biodiversity-initiatives-in-new-brunswick

    During “30 Days of Biodiveristy”, initiatives from more than 20 organizations will be featured. Examples of these initiatives include the New Brunswick Alliance of Lake Associations’s Invasive Plant Patrol Program, which aims to prevent the introduction and spread of non-native plant species. These invaders can cause habitat destruction, and loss of plant and animal communities, and other problems. Another program, hosted by Nature NB since 2016, has been producing guides for children that they can use to identify birds, frogs, trees and more in their own backyards. These are available in both French and English, and are free for any child in New Brunswick.

    These are just two of the many biodiversity initiatives in our province.  Environmental groups, community groups, researcher, and others are encouraged to submit their initiatives to be featured, which can be done here: http://nben.ca/en/biodiversity-initiatives-in-new-brunswick.


    About Biodiversity: Biological diversity, or biodiversity for short, refers to the variety of all living things, as well as the ecosystems and natural processes that support them. The province of New Brunswick has a provincial strategy that focuses on conserving biodiversity and using biological resources in a sustainable manner. The provincial strategy aligns with the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy established to support Canada’s obligations to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, which provides a Strategic Plan for Biodiversity, including the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, for the 2011-2020 period.

    About the Collaborative Effort on Biodiversity in New Brunswick: The Collaborative Effort on Biodiversity in New Brunswick is a multi-stakeholder effort to address the protection of biodiversity and species-at-risk. The aim of the collaborative is to work together to enhance stewardship activities on the ground and provide a comprehensive approach to the protection of biodiversity in the province. Involved agencies are diverse; the collaborative brings together citizens’ conservation and environmental groups, federal, provincial, and municipal government, academics and researchers, rural and municipal planners, and businesses to work in a spirit of cooperation.

    Media Contacts

    Raissa Marks, New Brunswick Environmental Network, raissa.marks@nben.ca | 506-855-4144

    Nadine Ives, Conservation Council of New Brunswick, nadine@conservationcouncil.ca | 506-458-8747

    Curtis Richardson, Nature Trust of New Brunswick, curtis.richardson@ntnb.org | 506-457-2398
  • Beau Bear & the Acadian Forest

  • Check it out: Every Living Thing – Experiencing a bioblitz

    Header 1 blue owl

    The documentary film, Every Living Thing -­ experiencing a bioblitz, will take you on an amazing journey of what it's like to spend four weeks over two summers exploring all aspects of nature – fish, insects, plants, fungi, reptiles, amphibians and mammals - that live in NB’s own Grand Lake Protected Natural Area.

    Celebrate the UN Decade of Biodiversity – host a film screening in your community!

    Unlike reality TV, this documentary film features real scientists speaking about real issues affecting real people living in real communities.

    Every Living Thingwas produced by NB-based company, Flower Power Production, in collaboration with the New Brunswick Museum's BiotaNB program.  BiotaNB is a 20-year biodiversity research project to identify and catalogue as many species in the province of New Brunswick, before human encroachment and climate change intensifies.  The NBEN is partnering with Flower Power Production to promote community film screenings of this film across Canada. 
  • Édition spéciale du NB Naturalist disponible!

    Édition spéciale du NB Naturalist bientôt disponible!

    Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que nous publions un numéro spécial de notre magazine, le NB Naturalist, sur la Nature, la Biodiversité et les Changements Climatiques. Le magazine est gratuit et prêt à être envoyé par la poste d'ici la fin du mois de novembre.  Nous aimerions le rendre disponible dans toute la province, veuillez nous faire savoir si vous êtes intéressés à contribuer à la distribution dans votre région. L'édition est entièrement traduite. Veuillez remplir le formulaire ici : https://goo.gl/forms/IdGVeuUJQOwBqj8o2.Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter: 506-459-4209




    Vol 44 No 3 Nov 2017 P1 3


  • Falls Brook Centre is looking for new Board Members

    Falls Brook Centre as you know is a registered charity and demonstration centre, committed to finding and promoting practical solutions to today's sustainability challenges. We are dedicated to the goals of inspiring people to work together using environmentally sound practices to create thriving local communities. What does this look like? Highlighting local economies, renewable energy options, and economically and ecologically sound land management techniques that work on the quarter-acre to 5,000 acre scales. On the ground, this is all about education aimed at all ages and addresses. If this sounds like something you could be a part of, I encourage you to visit our website and social media pages and consider becoming a Board member to make a real difference in the lives of New Brunswickers.


  • Go Wild! Hot Science, Protected Areas, Planning

    The NBEN invites you to take part in a conference that will focus on biodiversity conservation in New Brunswick and, more specifically, how to integrate this issue into planning. We encourage conservation practitioners, researchers, policy makers, land use planners, participants in the NB Biodiversity Collaborative and all those who are interested in wild spaces and species to join us at this event Wednesday, March 12. We hope you will join us!
    Looking forward to seeing you there!
  • Protected Areas: Strategies from Across Canada, Growing Support and Making the Case for New Brunswick

    Monday, February 22, 2016, 9:00 - 4:30
    Fredericton Inn

    ·          What can we learn from other Canadian jurisdictions?
    ·          What resonates with the public in NB? With decision-makers?
    ·          What works well? And what doesn’t work at all?
    ·          How do you balance conservation with recreational and educational opportunities?

    -         Protected Areas: Lessons from Across Canada – Hear from Nova Scotia, Quebec, Alberta and others!
    -         Increasing public support in NB – a panel of home-grown experts share their experience and know-how.
    -         Establishing Coastal and Marine Protected Areas in NB - What are the challenges and how can support be built?
    -         Building a case for protected areas in NB – throughout the day, work with others to identify what will resonate in NB and build the case!

    Join us! For more information and to register, click here!

    Hosted by the NB Biodiversity Collaborative. Brought to you by the Planning Committee:
    -         Al Hanson, Canadian Wildlife Service
    -         Barb Brown
    -         David MacKinnon, Nova Scotia Environment
    -         Eric Tremblay, Kouchibouguac National Park
    -         Paula Noel, Nature Conservancy of Canada
    -         Peter McLaughlin, NB Department of Environment and Local Government
    -         Renata Woodward, Nature Trust of NB
    -         Roberta Clowater, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, NB Chapter
    -         Steve Gordon, NB Department of Natural Resources

    With thanks to the NB Wildlife Trust Fund, Department of Natural Resources and the Canadian Wildlife Service.

  • Special edition of the NB Naturalist available!

    We are thrilled to let you know that we are publishing a special edition of our magazine, the NB Naturalist, on Nature, Biodiversity and Climate Change.The magazine is free, and is ready for mailing by the end of November. We would like to make it available across the province, please let us know if you are interested in helping with the distribution in your region. The edition is fully translated. Please fill in the form here: https://goo.gl/forms/IdGVeuUJQOwBqj8o2.

    If you have any questions, please contact us: 506-459-4209


    Vol 44 No 3 Nov 2017 P1 3


  • Species at Risk Submissions

    Check out submissionsby the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and the Canadian Wildlife Federation on the proposed elements of the New Brunswick Species at Risk Act on July 15, 2011.
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