We currently have three teams working under the Sustainability Education Alliance of New-Brunswick (SEA-NB) umbrella.

Team Professional Development (PD)
The team has been expanding the circle of folks interested in learning outside, creating opportunities for children to play and learn outside in nature and sharing ideas and best practices. As well as delivering professional development sessions through Great Minds Think Outside, a training program for teachers and educators. The program was piloted during the 2015-2016 school year and has been very well received throughout the province. Since then, they have delivered sessions to over 70 schools and education groups!

TeamStrategyTeam Strategy
The team is working with the draft Green Schools Policy for New Brunswick Schools, which was first drafted in 2008. Over the past year, the team has decided to shift their efforts to getting support for the policy at the district level, more specifically in the North-West region of the province. The team is currently compiling data on waste management and reduction, which is an area of focus in the policy, through a project in the North-West, to build an economic argument for future presentations with the district councils.

TeamFarmingTeam Sustainable Farming
The team has developed a brochure on “How to be a Farmer in New Brunswick,” which contains information and resources on current farming internships programs and grants in the province and beyond. The team is also exploring the possibility of developing a production strategy for the province and is looking at green roofs projects.
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