CCAC CoffeeTalks

What are Coffee Talks?

Coffee Talks are intimate conversations in which 1-4 participants can meet with a subject matter expert for the length of time it would take to have a cup of coffee (typically 20-30 minutes).

They are the perfect opportunity for those: 
  • Seeking to learn more from a speaker they've just heard at an event.  
  • Who have a project that requires specific advice from someone who has the experience of doing a similar project.
  • Wanting to know more about a topic before deciding whether it is something they would like to delve into.

How does the NBEN engage a Subject Matter Expert (SME)?

The NBEN draws from its past speakers as well as members of its collaboratives and caucuses, and will also brainstorm potential topics of interest through its Steering Committee. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who have volunteered time to a Coffee Talk in the list will change over the course of the year based on the SMEs availability.

Currently available Subject Matter Experts:
  • Briana Cowie, Eastern Charlotte Waterways (EN)
    • Number of Sessions > Two
    • Topic > Climate Adaptation Planning in:
      • Land-use planning,
      • Fisheries Industry, 
      • Indigenous Assets

  • Marion Tétégon Simon, VALORES (FR) 
    • Number of Sessions > Three
    • Topic > Climate Change Adaptation

  • Jenna Miller, CLIMAtlantic and NB Climate Change Secretariat (BI)
    • Topic > Coastal Climate Change Adaptation and Benefit-Cost Analysis Tools

  • Serge LaRochelle, Rural Community of Beausoleil (BI)
    • Topic > Living shoreline approaches to climate change adaptation and benefit-cost analysis

If you are an expert and wish be added to the list, please fill in this form:

How can I meet with a Subject Matter Expert?

An NBEN staff member will process a form you complete. They will contact the expert you choose to coordinate a date and time that suits you both.  You will receive an email with a Zoom link for your meeting once a meeting time has been established.

Please fill in this form to meet with one of the Subject Matter Experts:

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