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The Point Lepreau Bird Observatory (PLBO) counts sea ducks and seabirds migrating through the Bay of Fundy each spring from March to May. Migration data are collected daily using a sampling method over four-hour observation periods with defined counting protocols. Morning and afternoon counts in spring are under the supervision of Official Counters, assisted at times by up to three volunteers.

We are seeking a qualified person to contract as an afternoon Official Counter Monday to Friday from March 27 to May 7, 2023 (six weeks), A paid training period will be offered prior to the start date of March 27. Daily four-hour observation periods should begin between noon and 1:00 PM.


  • Conducting four-hour sea duck/seabird counts and manually recording birds counted by species, numbers and flight direction as well as weather and sea conditions.
  • Welcoming and mentoring volunteers recruited to assist the Official Counter.
  • Abiding by and conforming to all safety and security requirements of the Point Lepreau Nuclear Facility and its security staff.
  • Ensuring the observatory building is in clean condition, heated, and securely locked at the end of each visit and ensuring all safety barricades are securely in place.
  • Providing a brief daily written summary of the day’s observations in the Observatory Log Book and later providing a short digital overview of the day’s results to the Project Coordinator for posting on social media.

Essential Requirements:

  • Ability to work on your own.
  • Ability to identify East Coast sea ducks and seabirds at a distance, both on the water and in flight.
  • Ability to effectively engage with volunteers and provide assistance with sea duck and seabird identification.
  • A valid Driver's License and Vehicle (a per-kilometer rate will be paid for travel to the PLBO up to 150 km daily).
  • Automobile and comprehensive General Commercial Liability Insurance with limits of not less than two million dollars per occurrence for bodily injury, death, and for damage to property, including loss of use.
  • Ability to obtain a clear criminal record report satisfactory to security officials at the Point Lepreau Nuclear Facility, prior to the start of on-site duties.

Would be an asset:

  • Experience with surveys or scientific data collection.
  • Experience with resource management.
Applicant has their own binoculars and spotting scope.

Job Type: Fixed term contract
Contract length: 6 weeks, Monday - Friday
Hours: Avg. of 25 hours per week
Salary: From $20.00 per hour

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