CLIMAtlantic Inc. is a new non-profit organization that is part of a national network of climate services centres (see the Canadian Centre for Climate Services). CLIMAtlantic will focus on creating a strong Atlantic Canada network generating a wealth of information sharing in this space, in addition to supporting specific unique place-based work. CLIMAtlantic will work with regional and local actors to ensure that this will become a strong network where collaboration is supported, data and tools are easily accessible, and services will be provided by local and regional partners as much as possible.


The Labrador Climate Services Specialist will engage with rightsholders and stakeholders within Labrador to identify and explore relevant opportunities to address climate change specific to their circumstances, conduct an environmental scan and synthesis of Labrador climate change research, and work collaboratively to develop training and resource materials.

The Labrador Climate Services Specialist will join the CLIMAtlantic Inc. Team and work to be a link between CLIMAtlantic and key organizations and rightsholders in Labrador. The Specialist will report to CLIMAtlantic Inc., and be hosted at the Labrador Campus of Memorial University.



  • Have a connection to Labrador (lives in Labrador, has lived in Labrador, or any other connection);
  • Strong interest in and experience in building and maintaining relationships and networks;
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of the physical and human dimensions of climate change;
  • Strong interpersonal communications skills, both written and spoken;
  • Undergraduate degree; Master’s level coursework is an asset.
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