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Belleisle Watershed Coalition Requires a Full-Time Project Manager

If you have a certification in environmental studies, engineering, forestry, education, project management you are invited to grow a career in a community where you can put down roots. The Belleisle Watershed Coalition offers a position as project manager for the Belleisle Watershed Coalition, a non-profit, environmental, volunteer organization caring for Belleisle Bay watershed, part of the St. John River system. The ideal candidate will be the one who is willing to take on a long term challenge with an entrepreneurial spirit to build the BWC as a keystone community group.

The position involves:

  • Environmental education: initiating programs with existing community groups and schools
  • Intrapersonal skills: experience in non-profit, volunteer and citizen interaction
  • Scientific rigor: maintaining water quality data for baseline development, provincial agencies
  • Physical ability: water /land skills for freshwater mussel, fish, riparian, etc. activities
  • Collaborative ability: work with organizations such as ACAP, KWRC, WTFNB, ETF, AEI, etc.
  • Communication talent: grant and report, writing, fundraising, presentations, social media
  • Administrative ability: budget preparation, worker management, board reporting.

The position begins immediately. To be most effective and to enjoy the potential of this position, it would be ideal to live in proximity to the Belleisle Bay community. Accommodation may be made for persons wishing to combine a career with post-graduate education. Though ideal for continuing students, this position is open to anyone possessing the skills and is interested in a career change. Short-term, seasonal housing may be available as part of the employment package.

Compensation is commensurate with experience.

Please submit your resume by email to For further information on the Belleisle Watershed Coalition, Inc. Please see our FB page or
Applications close May 10.

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