Shediac Bay Watershed Association
Photo credit: Charles LeGresley

The initiative
Through a monthly sampling program using specially made traps, the Shediac Bay Watershed Association keeps a close watch on green crab and, in 2016, they saw an population explosion in the Bay. This species can spread quite rapidly, as females produce up to 185,000 eggs, once or twice a year. There are no approved methods of population control and aquatic invaders can be very difficult to eradicate. The group started a new monitoring program on eelgrass habitat in 2016, as they are threatened by green crab.

The issue
The Green Crab is a dangerous invader, considered one of “Ten Most Unwanted” invasive species in the world. They can damage aquatic ecosystems, demolish shellfish stocks, attack local fisheries, and destroy eel grass beds, which provide an essential spawning area to many native fish and crustaceans. Additional information.

Shediac GreenCrab Monitoring graph
The European Green Crab initiative has been active since June 2013.

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