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2018 was an incredible year for the "friends of the whimbrel". We were fortunate to have had incredible coverage to support the conservation efforts of the Whimbrel. First of all the Manomet team published a splendid photo document (available here) of which Lamèque, one of the transmitting birds, captured at Miscou in 2016 is a part. And we had the chance to see our story brilliantly told by Yvan Semeniuk in The Globe and Mail.

Finally, this summer, the "whimbrel-friendly" producers were three times more likely to participate in the count, which allowed us to cover about 10 000 acres of blueberry fields. An average of 413 birds were counted, while last year we observed 123 whimbrels. Finally, a survey of our producers has established that the tolerance of the presence of the bird has increased from 30% to more than 75%, which is great. We will continue to work with our partners, including Environment and Climate Change Canada, to recruit more producers and expand outreach efforts to all shorebirds that are strongly affected by climate change. We are preparing a collaboration with the Naturalist Club of the Acadian Peninsula to this end. Additional Information.
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This project has been active since September 2015 and is ongoing.

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