New Brunswick 
New Brunswick Museum Centre for Biodiversity Research

The New Brunswick Museum is supporting a 20-year biological inventory project (BiotaNB) in 10 of the largest protected natural areas in the province, ranging in size from 3 000 to 26 000 hectares. The museum's collections provide data and assure a repository for the collected specimens. Now halfway through the project, which continues until 2028, 50 to 70 scientists and others, participate annually in an intense 14-day BioBlitz that has generated 39 peer-reviewed publications. In 2017, BiotaNB was one of the official initiatives of Bioblitz Canada 150.  The New Brunswick Museum is happy to be one of the finalists for the 2018 Nature Inspiration Awards from the Canadian Museum of Nature, for the NBM’s BiotaNB project. Additional information.

This has been active since June 2009 and will continue until August 2028.En Bi Col Tag jpg
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