Acadian Peninsula
Verts Rivages
Photo credit: Monica Iglecia

The Whimbrel is a migratory bird that reproduces in the north of Canada and then migrates to South America at the end of the summer. During this migration, it stops in the Atlantic region where it feeds for three weeks utilizing, among other food sources, blueberry fields. Like several other shorebirds, the Whimbrel is a species at risk. This project, in collaboration between the Université de Moncton, Shippagan Campus and Verts Rivages, aims to improve the cohabitation between blueberry producers in the Acadian Peninsula and this bird. Through workshops, presentations, meetings, the producers areparticipating in this undertaking. The project “Whimbrel's Friends” also offers the opportunity to discuss biodiversity and species conservation with the general public. Additional Information.

This project has been active since September 2015.En Bi Col Tag jpg
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