Greater Moncton Area
Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance

Did you know that cats are the leading cause of population decline in songbirds ? At about 200 million killed per year, 80 million of those are attributed to domestic outdoor cats. For this project, we are giving away FREE brightly-coloured, reflective collar covers from Birdsbesafe® to outdoor cat owners. The bright colours and the reflective trim make cats less effective at stalking and hunting songbirds with the added benefit to cats by making them more visible to motorists at night. With year-round use, you can expect about an 87% reduction in birds caught by cats that wear Birdsbesafe® collar covers, according to an independent scientific study. See their website for more information on the science behind these collars & its implications for local bird diversity! Additional information.

This project has been active since August 5th, 2017.En Bi Col Tag jpg
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