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The native Rainbow Smelt (Osmerus mordax), inhabiting Lake Utopia, consists of two co-existing morphologically, ecologically, and genetically differentiated (sympatric) populations: a small-bodied form and a large-bodied form. Together the two populations are referred to as the Lake Utopia Rainbow Smelt. They occur only in this single, small lake in the Magaguadavic watershed in southwestern New Brunswick. Since 2012, Eastern Charlotte Waterways has been assisting in the recovery of this threatened species. Activities have included monitoring of spawning habitat, water quality and water levels. In 2016, staff angled for the invasive Chain Pickerel to determine whether they prey on the Lake Utopia Rainbow Smelt. Measurements such as weight, length and mouth gape are taken and the fish are retained to determine age, sex and stomach contents at a later date. Additional information.

This project has been active since 2016.En Bi Col Tag jpg
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