Wondering about what is being done at a provincial level around climate change adaptation? Consult this list of province-wide projets. 



Ass. des municipalités francophones du NB

Climate change action

Ass. Municipal Administrators of NB

Improving resiliency of NB municipalities project funded by NBETF. This year: 10 webinars on climate change adaptation and resiliency tools. Last year: resiliency planning Charrette-report available on line.

Ass. of Municipal Administrators of NB

Improving resiliency of municipalities

Ass. of registered Professional Foresters of NB

Climate change training for foresters. Fredericton.


Climate change adaptation and natural areas conservation. Awareness raising through whole province.


Crown land protected areas and conserved forest as resilience mechanisms.

Falls Brook Centre

Renewables NB: information hub for renewable energy in NB.

Mount Allison University

Tracking environmental change in NB. NB lakes.

NB Public Safety

Round table on emergency management and resilience


Carbon offset research and dissemination. Will assess carbon offset models and determine capacity to deliver such programs in NB.


Climate change adaptation collaborative (supporting teams, organizing workshops and conferences, outreach, citizen training)

OCIA - Atlantic

Energy efficiency and climate change in the agricultural sector. Agriculture and climate change (opportunities and risks). Climate friendly foods (choosing local and organic to reduce CO2 emissions). Using soil to sequester CO2 emissions.


Advancing smart energy communities in NB project funded by NBETF. Co-benefits include lowering GHG emissions, reducing energy cost, harnessing local resources and in some cases helping to improve local resiliency.

The GAIA Project

Audit projects (energy, water, waster, transportation). Analyzing and creating solutions to the carbon footprint within the schools.


Climate change impact on road transportation networks. Fredericton.

UNB Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management

Community self-assessment tool for positive transformational change. Fredericton.

UNB Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management

Wet-areas mapping with hydro-technical flood risk assessment procedures

Université de Moncton

Sustainable management of the coastal zones and climate change adaptation. Moncton.

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