Consult this map for climate change adaptation projects hapenning on the ground! 

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Consult the map below to find out about climate change adaptation projects around the province.  Click on the pins to get more information. 

For a list of the province-wide projets, click here. 

Or, click the following for maps of projects related to Action on the ground, Education, Awareness, and Engagement,Planning, Research and Data, and Tools.

Pink pins: ENGOs

Blue pins: Other organizations

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Climate Change Adaptation: A Workshop for NB’s ENGOs

June 24th, 2015
Killarney Lake Lodge, 1600 St. Mary's Street, Fredericton

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Join us for a morning workshop filled with opportunities to network with other ENGO representatives, to make the links between the various climate projects to be implemented over the next year, and to share tools and resources with other climate adaptation champions. 

This workshop is for ENGOs who:

·         Are working on climate change adaptation projects this year

·         Want to know what is going on with climate change adaptation around the province

·         Are considering doing climate change adaptation work

·         Are interested in networking, sharing ideas and successes

From beginners to veterans, this is your chance to learn, share, and innovate. 

Register today!

Draft Agenda





Registration, Meet and Greet


Welcome & Introductions

Raissa Marks & Marie-Pierre Poirier, NB Environmental Network


Mapping Adaptation-Put yourself on the map!


What are other sectors working on?

Darwin Curtis, Department of Environment and Local Government




Speed Dating-Making the links


Digging deeper-Share and learn more about specific projects


Wrap up

Raissa Marks, Marie-Pierre Poirier, NB Environmental Network





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The Climate Change Adaptation Collaborative brings together municipal leaders, regional planners, provincial and federal government representatives, non-profit groups, researchers and academics, industry representatives, and others to advance and mainstream climate change adaptation across sectors. The Collaborative was formed in 2013 in support of the New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan 2014-2020.


The following provincial priorities have been developed collaboratively by those involved in the Climate Change Adaptation Collaborative, and were agreed upon at the December 4, 2014, provincial conference:
  • Maintain a network and support partnership to advance climate change adaptation in the province.
  • Ensure that appropriate research, data and tools are share among collaborative partners and widely across sectors.
  • Support education and communication approaches focused on climate change adaptation.
  • Encourage the development and updating of policies and regulations that incorporate climate change adaptation.  
  • Encourage and support mainstreaming of planning at all levels to account for climate change adaptation and the need to include economic, social, cultural, and ecological values. 
  • Promote green infrastructure as a viable option for adaptation.
  • Promote the incorporation of climate change considerations in all projects and activities and support funding options that account for adaptation.


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