CCAC CoffeeTalks

What are Coffee Talks?

Coffee Talks are intimate conversations in which 1-4 participants can meet with a subject matter expert for the length of time it would take to have a cup of coffee (typically 20-30 minutes).

They are the perfect opportunity for those: 
  • Seeking to learn more from a speaker they've just heard at an event.  
  • Who have a project that requires specific advice from someone who has the experience of doing a similar project.
  • Wanting to know more about a topic before deciding whether it is something they would like to delve into.

How does the NBEN engage a Subject Matter Expert (SME)?

The NBEN draws from its past speakers as well as members of its collaboratives and caucuses, and will also brainstorm potential topics of interest through its Steering Committee. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who have volunteered time to a Coffee Talk in the list will change over the course of the year based on the SMEs availability.

Currenlty available Subject Matter Experts:
  • Briana Cowie, Eastern Charlotte Waterways (EN)
    • Number of Sessions > Two
    • Topic > Climate Adaptation Planning in:
      • Land-use planning,
      • Fisheries Industry, 
      • Indigenous Assets

  • Marion Tétégon Simon, VALORES (FR) 
    • Number of Sessions > Three
    • Topic > Climate Change Adaptation

If you are an expert and wish be added to the list, please fill in this form:

How can I meet with a Subject Matter Expert?

An NBEN staff member will process a form you complete. They will contact the expert you choose to coordinate a date and time that suits you both.  You will receive an email with a Zoom link for your meeting once a meeting time has been established.

Please fill in this form to meet with one of the Subject Matter:

Provincial Funders

Fund    Area of Funding Application Dealine Website Link
 ETF  Environmental Trust Fund  Addresssing Climate Issues through:
 - Education
 - Data Collection
Nov 30
 WTF Wildlife Trust Fund    Dec 1 & May 1
 FCM  Green Municipal Fund
 ESA  Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

Fund Area of Funding Application Deadline Website
ETF Environmental Trust Fund Addressing Climate Issues through:
Data Collection 
- November 30
WTF Wildlife Trust Fund   - December 1

- May 1
FCM Green Municipal Fund
ESA Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture
ALUS ALUS Canada Ecosystem Services on Farmland
CAP Canadian Agrilculture Partnership Program

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Dwayne Acton, P.Eng
Town Engineer

Dwayne Acton joined the Town of Sackville in February 2014. Dwayne is responsible for the Department of Public Works and the Department of Parks and Facilities, as well as other civic engineering related portfolios. He was previously employed with REHAU Industries Inc. and was considered an expert in PEX-based technologies. With REHAU, he was primarily responsible for the mechanical design of radiant heating systems across Atlantic Canada. Dwayne was previously employed with the Town of Sackville, as a Municipal Engineer from 1994-1999. Dwayne is a graduate of the former Technical University of Nova Scotia, now Dalhousie University, and holds a B. Sc. Eng. in Agricultural Engineering. Dwayne is a Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of New Brunswick.

Dwayne worked closely with the design team at Crandall Engineering and BDA Landscape Architects on the Town of Sackville’s first naturalized stormwater retention pond. He was the liaison person between the design team and the Town throughout the project. His engineering background was essential given the complexities of the project related to soil conditions, seasonal construction and excavation.


Dwayne Acton, P.Eng

Ingénieur municipal

Dwayne Acton a rejoint la ville de Sackville en février 2014. Dwayne est responsable du département des travaux publics et du département des parcs et installations, ainsi que d'autres portefeuilles liés au génie civique. Il était auparavant employé par REHAU Industries Inc. et était considéré comme un expert en technologies basées sur le PEX. Chez REHAU, il était principalement responsable de la conception mécanique des systèmes de chauffage par rayonnement dans tout le Canada atlantique. Dwayne était auparavant employé par la ville de Sackville, en tant qu'ingénieur municipal de 1994 à 1999. Dwayne est diplômé de l'ancienne Université technique de Nouvelle-Écosse, aujourd'hui Université Dalhousie, et détient une licence en génie agricole. Dwayne est un ingénieur professionnel agréé dans la province du Nouveau-Brunswick.

Dwayne a travaillé en étroite collaboration avec l'équipe de conception de Crandall Engineering et de BDA Landscape Architects sur le premier bassin de rétention des eaux pluviales naturalisé de la ville de Sackville. Il a été la personne de liaison entre l'équipe de conception et la ville tout au long du projet. Sa formation en ingénierie était essentielle étant donné la complexité du projet liée aux conditions du sol, à la construction saisonnière et à l'excavation.

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John Dallaire
Resident, Nicholas Beach

I have been a resident of Nicholas Beach for 22 years, a member of the Nicholas Beach Dune Restoration, Preservation and Education Committee.

I have worked on this one km stretch of beach for 20 years and have assisted local residences in the importance of restoring and preserving their dunes.


John Dallaire
Résident, Nicholas Beach

Je réside à Nicholas Beach depuis 22 ans, je suis membre du comité de restauration, de préservation et d'éducation des dunes de Nicholas Beach.

J'ai travaillé sur ce tronçon de plage d'un kilomètre pendant 20 ans et j'ai aidé les résidences locales à comprendre l'importance de la restauration et de la préservation de leurs dunes.

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Vincent Leys
Senior Coastal Engineer, CBCL

Vincent Leys is a Senior Coastal Engineer with CBCL Consulting Engineers. In the last 20 years, he has completed a wide range of projects throughout Atlantic Canada's diverse coastal communities, which require functional solutions to deal with dynamic shorelines, rising storm impacts and sea levels.

He enjoys contributing to the many regional efforts towards improved coastal adaptation combining engineering and nature-based approaches.


Vincent Leys
Ingénieur côtier principal, CBCL

Vincent Leys est ingénieur côtier principal chez CBCL Consulting Engineers. Au cours des 20 dernières années, il a réalisé un large éventail de projets dans les diverses communautés côtières du Canada atlantique, qui nécessitent des solutions fonctionnelles pour faire face au dynamisme du littoral, à l'augmentation des impacts des tempêtes et au niveau de la mer.

Il aime contribuer aux nombreux efforts régionaux visant à améliorer l'adaptation des côtes en combinant l'ingénierie et les approches fondées sur la nature.


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