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The Aster Foundation is seeking capacity-building proposals from NGOs and registered charities (or other qualified donees) in New Brunswick.

 Funding available: Up to $2,000 per organization ($10,000 available in total)

How to apply: Download and fill out this APPLICATION FORM and send it to info@asterfoundation.ca before 5:00 pm Atlantic Time on Friday, August 18, 2023. 

Building New Brunswick ENGO Capacity

The environmental movement in New Brunswick is very strong, with many environmental groups making positive environmental change within their communities and beyond.  However, these same organizations occasionally face organizational challenges that cannot be addressed internally because they are beyond the level of expertise of the board and/or staff. 

Aster Foundation’s 2023 program, Building New Brunswick ENGO Capacity Program, allows New Brunswick environmental groups to access professionals or experts with certain types of expertise for advice and support.  These experts may include HR professionals, accountants/bookkeepers, project management professions, communications professionals, lawyers, etc. 

Aster Foundation will reimburse the organization for these professionals’ consulting fees, up to $2000 per organization. 

The organization may find their own consultant, or they may request help from Aster Foundation to do so.  (Please note: Aster Foundation cannot guarantee a suitable match.)

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