August 2, 2013

Noel Augustine, Geptin

Mi’kmaq Grand Council

Signigtog District,

New Brunswick

Dear Geptin Augustine:

We the undersigned community groups stand with you in serving this Notice of Eviction to SWN Resources Canada and any subsidiary company or contractor engaged in shale gas exploration or development in the Territory of Signigtog.

The government of New Brunswick has acted all along in a unilateral, undemocratic manner. It has made no attempt to consult with your people. It has ignored your declarations, your rights and titles.

It has refused to listen to the grassroots movement which gains ground every day. It has refused to make a health risk assessment even though its Chief Medical Officer has strongly suggested one. It ignores the compelling evidence that unconventional shale gas mining threatens our health, our environment and the well being of future generations.

But though the government of New Brunswick acts as if we do not exist, it works hand in glove with Southwestern Energy Company (SWN). Its latest gesture of goodwill gave this company permission to test across our wetlands and watercourse buffers in eight counties.

Under these circumstances when democratic processes are cast aside, when we are being forced to choose between hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas and health, it is an honour to stand with you and your people.

In Solidarity we are:

Conservation Council of NB

Council of Canadians, Fredericton

Council of Canadians, Saint John

Darlings Island Nauwigewauk Fracking Intervention

New Brunswickers Against Fracking

Friends of Mt. Carelton

Friends of the UNB Woodlot

Memramcook Action

New Brunswickers Against Fracking

Tantramar Alliance Against Hydro-Fracking

Upriver Environment Watch

Water and Environmental Protection for Albert County

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