We are excited to share that the Conservation Council of New Brunswick has launched a new campaign called “Tell the Facts.” — a campaign to do just that: Tell the facts about the federal clean electricity regulations and counter misleading ads launched in New Brunswick by the Alberta government.

Last September, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith unveiled the “Tell the Feds” campaign, spreading inaccurate information about Ottawa’s clean electricity regulations. Unfortunately, New Brunswickers became unwitting targets of this misinformation for several months.

In light of this, the Conservation Council of New Brunswick has taken a stand with the “Tell the Facts” campaign aimed at setting the record straight on how these federal regulations will impact energy reliability, affordability and climate action in New Brunswick and across Canada.

The misinformation spread by Alberta about renewable energy is unacceptable, and our campaign is our firm response. We aim to showcase that clean, affordable energy can positively shape everyone’s future.

We encourage you to explore our campaign website, where you will find valuable and informative resources. Additionally, we’ve created a user-friendly letter-writing tool that allows you to easily communicate with federal politicians, demanding a strong commitment to a clean energy future.

Together, let’s rally for a better, cleaner future for New Brunswick and Canada. Click the link below to send your letter and be a part of this crucial movement.

Take action now! Your letter will be sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson and Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault.

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