University of Guelph students decided it was time to take action and bring climate change back into the media and back onto the political agenda.

The students want you to join them in robocalling Steven Harper on April 4th, 2012, to show you care about climate change. Just call 613-992-4211 (it’s FREE!) and leaving this message:

Hi Steve, this is [insert your name], and I’m calling from [insert your location].
And I have a message for you.
I’m calling to talk about climate change.
It’s real and it’s happening.
And it’s negatively impacting Canadians everywhere.
Something needs to be done, Steve.
There is no Planet B,
We have to live with the decisions you make, Steve.
Make Canada a Climate Leader, not a Climate Loser.
Do it for us.

For more information: and spread the word.

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