Photo: Aerial view of a forest north of Grande Prairie showing poplar dieback. Credit: Canadian Forest Service.

Canada's climate is changing rapidly and more severely than most regions on earth, and it is uncertain whether our trees will survive. See When the intrinsic metabolism engendering tree survival fitness becomes compromised, trees become more susceptible to insects and disease. Forest scientists have been quick to attribute rising mortality rates mostly to insects, but with present knowledge they can only speculate on the reasons for loss of resistance. Solid scientific answers to such questions cannot be provided, because the tree-science research has not been done.

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  1. Create and fund the National Council of Tree Science Research within the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Canada;
  2. Provide funding and infrastructure support comparable to that presently provided to the Canada Space Agency; and
  3. Emphasize fundamental research to understand and ensure ongoing survival fitness in each of Canada's tree species and its native geographic provenances, and support the research of physiologists, histologists, cell biologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, and geneticists, in each research institution.
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