New Brunswick’s rich Acadian Forest, from the old growth coastal Bay of Fundy rainforests to the misty mountaintop Restigouche wildwoods, is at risk. These forests are home to a many elusive wildlife, including flying squirrels, lynx and barred owls. If we don’t act now, much of New Brunswick’s remaining old forest habitat will be on the chopping block. The provincial government is deciding now whether they will open up old forests and other specially managed habitats to clearcutting. You can help protect this precious wilderness. Please send a letter to the Minister of Natural Resources before February 29.

CPAWS is recommending that at least 17% of Crown land, including the largest patches of old forest, be designated as permanently protected areas, where no logging or mining can happen, by 2015. CPAWS is also recommending the province immediately take action to keep all of the Crown land they are already conserving as old forests, wildlife habitat and riverbank buffers. The currently conserved area is below the bare minimum required to conserve all the wildlife that need old forests, so any reduction in conservation is unacceptable.

You can find more here about New Brunswick's old growth forests and how you can help.

And you can take action now by clicking here.
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