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In 2018, the Government of Canada launched the Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS) to provide Canadians with information and support to consider climate change in their decisions. The CCCS provides leadership in co-delivery of climate services across Canada, and it does this by coordinating with a growing national network of regional climate expert organizations. These regional organizations deliver local user-driven services, facilitate access to regionally tailored climate information, data and tools, and provide training and support to their stakeholders and clients.

The CCCS is currently seeking applicants to form a new Atlantic climate expert organization to meet the needs of Atlantic Canadians. This request for proposals will provide up to $1.648 million in funding over three years, with the opportunity for extension.

To be eligible to apply for the opportunity, applicants must be one of the following:
  • Not-for-profit organization, non-governmental organization (NGO)
  • Existing climate consortia
  • Indigenous government or organization
  • Academic institution

We invite you to apply now. The deadline for submitting a proposal is 11:59 pm Atlantic Standard Time (AST) on January 25, 2021.

Also, we invite you to participate in a webinar hosted by the CCCS and Atlantic provincial colleagues on Thursday, December 10th from 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm AST to answer any questions that you may have at this time. A meeting invitation with a Zoom link is attached to this message.

Thank you for your interest in supporting climate change adaptation in Canada.

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