I want to urge all of you in groups to have your group sign on to this letter, requesting that the German government not guarantee a $4.5 billion loan to Pieridae Energy to build a liquid natural gas (LNG) export terminal in Goldboro, Nova Scotia.

This project has been progressing under the radar for some time now and is approaching a critical point.  The scope of this project encompasses shale gas wells in Alberta, and potentially fracking in Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, as well as new gas pipelines through Quebec to Maine, along with the main object - the LNG terminal in Goldboro.

These big LNG export projects are the last gasp of the fossil fuel industry, and if built, the new fossil fuel infrastructure will seriously slow down the necessary move to a clean energy economy to address climate change.  It will put us back years.  New Brunswick currently has no fracking, but ask yourself what Blaine Higgs or Kevin Vickers would do if told that a company with a huge loan from Germany wanted to restart the shale gas industry in NB?  I think we all know the answer.

So we need to stop this before any money actually enters the picture!  Pieridae currently has leases near Hillsborough and Memramcook, but remember that over 40% of the province was opened to fracking the last time around.  We will all be affected.

So it is REALLY IMPORTANT that groups sign on to show Germany that opposition is broad and deep.  We expect in the next few days to have signatures from several of Canada's well-know national environmental stewardship groups, but we also need to show that the grassroots groups - including local chapters - are united.  To sign-on, just have a representative from your group go to:

and scroll down the list to the end, where you can enter your group's name, a contact person and email (or phone or address).  That's it.  As you scroll, you will see that support is coming from all the provinces involved plus our international allies in Germany and elsewhere around the world.

Our Germans allies are doing their part by demonstrating against the LNG terminals that will have to be built at their end - as noted yesterday in these tweets from Andy Gheorghiu, our colleague at Food and Water Watch - Europe

and this story (google translation of article by the German Press Agency)
Hanover -  Five climate activists attached themselves to the building of the Lower Saxony State Chancellery in Hanover with superglue on Monday. According to the police, they were part of a group of 25 demonstrators who protested against imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States. The police said they negotiated with the five people who were stuck so that they could free themselves with solvent.  
Various environmental groups had called for the action. They criticized the plans to build terminals for the import of LNG in Wilhelmshaven and Stade. In the USA and Canada, a lot of natural gas is currently extracted using the fracking method, which is considered to be particularly harmful to the environment. State Chancellery officials spoke to the demonstrators, a press spokeswoman said.

So it is real! If you need to read the letter again before signing, you can do so here:   (en francaise)

Many local groups faded into inactivity once we got a moratorium, but if there is even a shell of your group, please sign, because we know that we would once again have massive turnout if we had to mobilize. I personally think that this could be our largest threat since the moratorium if it gains any momentum.  So please sign any group you can - it doesn't matter what kind of group it is - if they are concerned about climate change and/or opposed to shale gas in NB.   And please pass along.  Thanks.   Jim    

NBASGA in the News:

There is so much going on that I didn't send out these pieces, which appeared last week in the Brunswick News papers.

I had a Commentary in the daily Gleaner about the connections between climate change and the COVID pandemic, and how the parties needed to tell us how they will weave the two together in their COVID recovery plans.  It briefly touches on SMNR's as well.

Sam Arnold, of the Sustainable Energy Group in Woodstock had a letter to the editor on SMNR's.


As SMNR's have become an election issue, you may want to know more about them.  Here is a link to a video of a presentation on the topic recently given in Saint John by Dr. Gordon Edwards, scientist, nuclear consultant and president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility

Jim Emberger, Spokesperson
New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance
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