Hi everyone,
As you know, I'm very involved in raising awareness of shale gas exploration/drilling and the consequences to health, the environment and our rural way of life. (I know that I don't want to live in or near an industrial pit that pours chemicals into the ground and air).
My own awareness has been raised by meeting the people of Penobsquis and hearing their stories first hand. They live in Gasland and will give tours so people can see what they will soon be facing. They do not want other communities to suffer what they have. I am circulating this email in hopes to raise awareness for Penobsquis. They are and have been fracking wells in Penobsquis, so when the government says it is proceeding slowly and cautiously what about Penobsquis (and Elgin).

If you haven't yet read "The Story of Water and Penobsquis," please do so at your earliest opportunity. It is a cautionary tale for all citizens of N.B. illustrating clearly where we will be if industry damages our private property. The government will side with industry as it has done with Potash Corporation. The Story of water is up here http://www.wepac.ca/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/The-penobsquis-story.pdf

The shale gas industry has been granted leases over vast sections of our province. Its record in the U.S. and parts of Canada shows that air, water and quality of life all suffer.

In 2004 in Penobaquis, Potash Corporation conducted seismic testing which included the detonation of dynamite charges. At this time there were reports of homes shaking and muddy water from taps. Then the mines flooded and people lost wells and springs. The connection was made between these events by the residents as well as officials in the Dept. of Environment and local government. The onus was on the residents to prove it which is what they are still trying to do 7 years later. They have been blocked time and time again from gaining access to information they need to prove their case. They were finally given the information they had been requesting for MANY years this July, 2011. Public pressure may have been a factor. It is the classic David vs Goliath senario only Goliath is now a thousand times larger and the government has taken away David's slingshot and won't let him use any rocks.

Penobsquis is us and the outcome at the hearing is our outcome. If the affected people of Penobsquis are not fairly compensated for the damages to their property (which have rendered their homes unsaleable) then look into your own future should industry negatively impact your property.

The one thing that most of us here in NB have and hope to someday leave to our children is our home. Right now, this has been denied to the people of Penobsquis who are living in an unhealthy industralized area on land that has been rendered worthless by industry.

You can support Penobsquis in the following ways:

- if you can, attend the hearings with the Mining Commissioner. They resume Oct, 12, 13 and 14 October 2011 at the All Seasons Inn in Sussex, NB. It shows the mining commissioner, the government and the press that people are paying close attention to what is happening in this hearing. If you can't attend, please talk about the hearings and let others know what is going on.

- contribute to the Support Penobsquis fund. Donations can be made through the following site: http://www.canaryinstitute.ca/donate.html with charitable tax receipts issued. (Clarify that your donation is for Penobsquis)

- write to Premier Alward letting him know that you are concerned about the way the people of Penobsquis are being treated, that you will be watching closely the outcome of the Mining Commission Hearing

- write a letter to the editor expressing your concern about Penobsquis and how it has been treated by industry and government

-share this email with your friends via email, facebook, twitter

If you made it this far, thanks for reading.
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