I was recently in the Edmundston region and decided to go say hi to Resnet, an NBEN member group in the region. I was warmly welcomed by Resnet’s Executive Director Julie Lavoie.

I quickly realized that Resnet is not just any recycling operation. They are not only nationally (EPRA- Electronic Product Recycling Association) and internationally (IS0 14001) certified, but are the only recycling centre in New Brunswick to have these certifications. This allows Resnet to reuse electronic materials that could otherwise end up in landfills. Since 2004, they have recycled 1900 tons of electronic equipment. They also refurbish computers, computer systems and laptops that can be reused instead of being recycled for value.

IMG 20170418 155722634
The warehouse full of electronic materials to be recycled. 

According to Julie, RESNET is the provincial core of electronic recycling: “The priority is to process all electronic waste brought to the different drop-off locations in New Brunswick.”
IMG 20170418 155912258Equipment used to compress the metals. 

Resnet is also unique in the sense that one of their main objectives is to help people in the region who have difficulty finding work or integrating in the workplace. Through a partnership with the provincial government, Resnet offers interns a chance to gain work experience, skills such as First Aid, electronic dismantling, computer assembly, nutrition classes, and much more, all in a positive work environmental that fosters personal growth and respect of a clean environment. The interns are an integral part of Resnet and its successes!

IMG 20170418 155445669
The room where computer courses and other formations are given. 

For more information, visit Resnet’s Website or Facebook page! 

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