Carousel Biodiversity 10 Year Retrospective EN

The NB Biodiversity Collaborative Collaborative turned 10 years old in 2020. To commemorate this, the NBEN has put together a retrospective (available HERE) that looks back on how the Collaborative first began and its accomplishments over the years. We hope that you enjoy reading through this document and reflect upon your organization’s own accomplishments and contributions to biodiversity and natural areas conservation in this province.

As it looks towards the future, the Biodiversity Collaborative Steering Committee is looking to cater its activities to better serve the many organizations involved, both big and small.

To do so, we need to hear from YOU – our groups on the ground. To facilitate this, we have put together a survey to identify some collective goals and the resources needed to accomplish them.

Please fill out this survey even if you have not recently participated in the Biodiversity Collaborative or attended any NBEN events as this will help us determine what we need more of. Not sure if you are part of the Collaborative? If you work in biodiversity or conservation in any way, we want to hear from you.

To thank you for filling out this survey, you will be entered into a contest to win one of two NB Provincial Parks Passes!!! What better way to appreciate biodiversity than to visit some of our beautiful provincial parks?

The deadline to provide comment is SEPTEMBER 10.

Please contact Clara Thaysen,, if you have any questions.

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