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Celebrating 25 years of connecting people for the environment. Join us!

November 19 2016, 8:30-5:00
St. Mary's Cultural Centre, northwest corner of Cliffe and Dedham Streets, Fredericton


 Affecting change and
influencing decision-making. 
 Exploring key ingredients.

Insider Know-how
      David Coon, MLA Fredericton-South

Strategies of Influence
       Lois Corbett, Conservation Council of NB
n Killorn, Eastern Charlotte Waterways
        Francine Levesque, EcoVie
Sabine Dietz, Nature NB
        Bonnie Hamilton Bogart, Voices for Sustainable Environments and Communities

        Serge LaRochelle, Groupe de développement durable du Pays de Cocagne
        Mark D'Arcy, Council of Canadians Fredericton Chapter
Cross-cultural Allies: How environmental groups and Indigenous people can work well together
        Alma Brooks, Peace and Friendship Alliance
        Hugh Akagi, Passamaquoddy First Nation
        Kenneth Francis, Kopit Lodge
        Samantha Robichaud, Esgenoopetitj Watershed Association
        Patricia Saulis, Maliseet Nation Conservation Council


 Share key information.
 Issues, priorities, tools and approaches.

Legal Approaches

     Citizen enforcement and private prosecutions: Scott Kidd
     Mount Carleton judicial review & UNDRIP update: Ron Tremblay
     Right to information how-to: Mark D'Arcy

Climate Change
     Energy and climate literacy: Louise Comeau
     Climate projects, a new approach: Amanda Marlin
Extreme Energy Campaigns
     Shale moratorium: Jim Emberger, Roy Ries
     Lepreau retrofits: Sharon Murphy
     Energy East: Jean-Louis Deveau, Taylor Crosby
     Elsipogtog Land Claim: Kenneth Francis
     Spraying : Francine Levesque
     Water classification: Simon Mitchell
     Wetlands : Stephanie Merrill
     Marine protected areas : Matt Abbott
Thinking Outside the Box: Tips and Tricks

     Charitable Status: To apply or not?
     Novel funding approaches: The successful and the untested
     Successful partnerships: How and why they work
     Students: Ideas to get student involved!
     Young Adults: Opening up to young adults. What's the hook?
     Communication among groups: Talking to your neighbours

agm  Celebrating 25 Years of Connecting People
  for the Environment!

  Inclusion policy for Mi'kmaq, Wəlastəkwey, Peskotomuhkati
  New members
  Steering Committee elections
  Recognizing the 7 groups who have been with the NBEN for 25 years!

YEAN  Youth Environmental Action Network 

  Environmental youth groups will have the chance to discuss environmental
  issues and how to be catalysts for change in New Brunswick.

children  Bring your children to Eco-Confluence!
  Fun and educational activities

  Environmental theme

...and lots of others but we ran out of time to keep updating!...See you soon!
Francois Chiasson, Lisa Savoie-Ferron, Cynthia Pearson, Maurice Violette, Aaron Dowding, Jennifer Smith, Robena Weatherley, Katia McKercher, Mara Ostafichuk, Naia Noyes-West, Nicholas Carter, Jimmy Therrien, Sheryl Bartlett, Doug Kelly, Norma MacKellar, Peggy Woolsy, Corinne Hersey, Marley Caddell, Evan Young, Adam Cheeseman, William Millar, Caeleigh Marshall, Naomi Goldberg, Paula Noel, Élie Roussel, Jim Emberger, Stan Donovan, Mike McKinley, Marilyn Merritt-Gray, Serge Robichaud, Paul Belliveau, Peter Cronin, Paula Tippett, Karyn McPherson, Laurie Murison, Billie Joe Fowler, Lynn Melanson, Andrew  Halassy,
Chris Rouse, Tahara Briggs, Hugh Akagi, John Bagnall, Ron Tremblay, Roland Chiasson, Keith Helmuth, Taylor Crosby, Nadine Ives, Heather Almeda, Debra Hopper, Lorraine Savoie, Rémi Donelle, Zachary Bourque, Olivia DeYoung, Matthew Abbott, Pascale Ouellette, Christine McLauchlan, Raissa Marks, Joanie Kennah , Samantha Brewster, Lyanya Astephen, Brenda Kelley, David Coon, Paul McLaughlin, Vanessa Roy-McDougall, Richelle Martin, Samuel Arnold, Mary De La Valette, Roy Ries, Bonnie Hamilton-Bogart, Frank Johnston, Louise Comeau, Marie Ruitenberg, Dr. Arie A Ruitenberg, Rick Roth, Mary Ann Coleman, Lee Reed, Chloé Melanson, Marie-Soleil Morneau, Joanie Dubé, Nicolas Bastien, Jessica Bossé, Philip Blaney, Scott Kidd, Simon Mitchell, Sharon Murphy, Jean-Louis Deveau, Kenneth Francis, Wiebke Tinney, Alma Brooks, Mark D'Arcy, Christine Landry, Sabine Dietz, Lois Corbett, Serge LaRochelle,  Donald Killorn, Patrick Colford, Kenneth Francis, Samantha Robichaud, Afton Conneely, Amanda Marlin

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