Have you dreamed about starting a garden at your school but aren’t sure where to start?

This is the New Brunswick School Gardens Initiative - a project designed to revolutionize the way we use plants as educational resources. 

The great outdoors offers new and exciting ways to keep students engaged with their studies while developing the essential skills of working with nature, sustainable living and teamwork. With a growing demand for social distance and wide-open spaces, there has never been a better time to utilize the areas outside of our classrooms and living rooms to stay safe and promote quality experiential learning. 

Those participating in the initiative will be provided with mentorship, garden inspiration, access to community garden networks, assistance accessing funding, and knowledge building. These supports, in conjunction with a series of interactive online events throughout the school year will enable participants to get the most out of their efforts, placing fewer demands on teachers and making this an overall fun and exciting experience!
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To create a culture of sustainability education in the province to support the overarching goal of the United Nations Global Action Program (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), which is “…to generate and scale-up concrete actions in ESD."
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Connecting organizations, agencies and individuals throughout New Brunswick who want to work together in moving towards a culture of sustainability education.

The Sustainability Education Alliance organizes province-wide conferences annually or biannually. Past SEA conferences include:

  • Nurturing Connections With Nature: The Role of Educators, March 13 2019
  • The Art of Sustainability, October 24 2018
  • Citizenship Education: Fostering an Engaged Population, November 21 2017
  • Climate Change: From Education to Action, November 2 2016
  • Food Security & Education in NB: A Recipe for Success, March 1 2016
  • Invest now, Harvest later: Education for a Sustainable Economy in New Brunswick, October 27 2015
  • Stimulating Bright Ideas: Exploring the skills needed for entrepreneurship rooted in sustainability, February 10 2015
  • Walking the Talk: The art of outdoor learning, October 10 2013
  • Making Magic Outside: The Wonder and Challenge of Outdoor Learning, October 24 2012
  • A Treasure Chest To Share: Tools For Working More Effectively Together, February 16 2012
  • Education: Add Some Emerald Sparkle, March 17 2011
  • Education For The 21st Century, October 26 2010
  • Educating For Change, March 9 2010

Join us!
Contact tzomi.burkhart@nben.ca or call (506)855-4144
Be a part of conferences, workshops, action-oriented teams and much more!

We currently have four teams working under the Sustainability Education Alliance of New Brunswick (SEA-NB) umbrella.

Four adults in casual outdoor clothing are smiling and laughing while making large dramatic gestures with their arms 
Team Professional Development (PD)

Team PD, SEA’s longest running team, seeks to equip educators with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to include sustainability in their teaching. Running since 2011, this dynamic bunch have created the Great Minds Think Outside teacher training program, as well as other sustainability-related skill development for educators of all kinds.  


A young child in pink clothes and a hat is standing on green grass and holding a colander full of red strawberries
Team School Gardens

Team School Gardens first met in December 2018, and includes teachers, educators, and community groups who have big dreams about linking students and cafeterias to local food, rain and wildflower gardens, potted plants, and all things that grow.  This group is versatile and inclusive of many types of cultivation and skill levels, with a focus currently on capacity-building in New Brunswick schools. 

A woman is recording pictures and notes from a conference on a large paper on the wall
Team Art and Sustainability Education

Team Art & Education was largely inspired by the October 2018 SEA Conference. This highly creative team serves as a hub for artistic environmentalists and environmentally-minded artists around the province. The team members come from various fine art disciplines, including sculpture, video, photography, music, and painting, as well as researchers and educators who are passionate about bringing creativity to sustainability education. 

photo of people near wooden table 3184431Team Sustainable Business Education

Team Sustainable Business Education first met in the fall of 2019. This team seeks to find, create or develop entrepreneurial projects for New Brunswick youth. The team wants to teach young entrepreneurs that they have a responsibility to their environment and that this does not have to conflict with their financial goals; sustainability is a generator of wealth.

Would you like to be part of a team? Contact tzomi.burkhart@nben.ca
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